Mumbai: Promate, a global leader in consumer electronics, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation in wearable technology, the XWatch-B19. This cutting-edge smartwatch is launched in a premium design, a 1.9inch Display and several health & fitness features, Bluetooth calling and much more under Rs. 3999/-. The smartwatch comes with 12 months of warranty in three Colors.

The Promate XWatch-B19 boasts a distinctive rectangular display which has a premium design. Its 1.9-inch TFT HD Display with a resolution of 240*280 pixels ensures crystal-clear visuals. One of the standout features of the XWatch-B19 is its battery life, an astounding 15-day lifespan on a single charge. No more constantly worrying about recharging the smartwatch; this device is ready to keep up with every active lifestyle.

The XWatch-B19’s Bluetooth 5.0 Technology ensures seamless connectivity while on the move and supports effective hands-free Bluetooth calling. Syncing effortlessly with both Android and iOS devices, the XWatch-B19 allows users to access notifications, calls, and messages directly from their wrist. The SmartWatch also offers the convenience of voice assistance with compatibility for both Siri and Google Assistant.

For health and fitness enthusiasts, the Promate XWatch-B19 offers 30+ sports modes, making it an ideal workout partner. The smartwatch supports a range of health and fitness tracking features, including dynamic heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and many more. The advanced RTL8762DK+BK3266 chipset ensures seamless performance, while the HX3600 heart rate sensor and SC7A20 pedometer sensor provide accurate tracking of your heart rate and steps, offering comprehensive health monitoring.

The XWatch-B19’s XWatch app allows users to access detailed data recording and monitoring. This app allows users to set fitness goals, track progress, share progress with friends, and more. This application is available on both the Google Play store as well as Apple store and is compatible with Android and iOS. The smartwatch also comes with an IP67 dust and water-resistant rating and sports 100+ watch faces.

With the phenomenal success of XWatch-S19, Promate with XWatch-B19 aims to continue its legacy of delivering cutting-edge wearables.

Promate Technologies:

Promate Technologies is the worldwide leader in electronic & computing DMS (Design & Manufacturing Services). With extensive experience in product development and vertically integrated capabilities, Promate boasts a diversified product line that includes mobility accessories, IT peripherals, photography enhancements, digital gadgets, consumer electronics & more.

A company known to operate on a “first to market” philosophy, with over 1000 innovative products, the largest for a peripheral brand, boasts a dominant presence in over 150+ countries worldwide. Established in 2001 in Taipei – Taiwan, the brand has developed a well-diversified product portfolio with unique designs and flexible manufacturing capabilities. A talented team of industrial designers and engineers with extensive product development experience designs the products. Combining all these factors has made the brand of choice among consumers who recognize the quality of design, engineering and value.

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