Mumbai: After successfully venturing into the boutique hospitality space with Bhumi Pednekar earlier this year, Chrome Asia Hospitality marks another milestone and enters the concept restaurant landscape with its latest launch Gigi, Mumbai. An expansive two-storey space spread over 6,000 sq ft in Bandra, Mumbai, has been a passion project in the making for co-founders Pawan Shahri, Dhaval Udeshi and Nikita Shahri.

With Gigi, Chrome Asia Hospitality will enter the concept restaurant segment and aims to open 12 outlets by 2025 in this segment. Focussed on using the freshest local produce, seasonal seafood and exquisite cheeses from around the world, as well as local, homegrown brands from across India, Chrome Asia Hospitality’s first concept restaurant aims to deliver a truly immersive experience while combining flavours from Europe and Japan. Talking about the launch, Pawan Shahri, Nikita Harisinghani & Dhaval Udeshi, Co-founders of Chrome Asia Hospitality, said, “We have always aimed to expand our footprint beyond the threshold of conventional dining. We want to deliver more and more unique concepts that excite our customers, and Gigi is our latest attempt at doing just that. The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing landscapes in India, and there is a growing appetite for newer, better concepts. Gigi is a dining experience that cannot be paralleled. Its period cocktail bar with Asian influences and unique fusion cuisine is a celebration of two of the finest cultures out there. With this, we have just begun our journey with concept restaurants, and we look forward to unveiling more in the next few months.”

Adding on, Afsana Verma, Investor Gigi Mumbai, said, “Chrome Asia Hospitality has delivered the finest of restaurants over the past few years, and we are thrilled to be a part of their journey with Gigi Mumbai. This is just the beginning of a timeless endeavour, and we are confident about the potential of the brand Gigi.”

Earlier this year, Chrome Asia Hospitality announced an expansion with a vision to add five new brands across various formats while further strengthening the presence of the existing brands. After launching some of the most sought-after dining destinations in Mumbai, Chrome Asia Hospitality has reported a profitable journey so far, showing valuable growth of 3X. Growing strength to strength, Chrome Hospitality also plans to focus and lay emphasis on establishing new benchmarks in the hospitality space.

About Chrome Asia Hospitality: 

Launched in 2019, Chrome Asia Hospitality, a venture by Pawan Shahri, Dhaval Udeshi & Nikita Shahri, is a full-scale hospitality company focused on creating experience-driven restaurants across the country. The group owns, manages and consults restaurants, bars & boutique hotels across the country. With its latest launch in Goa, the trio has now ventured into the boutique hospitality space and will look at scaling this segment as well.

Chrome Asia Hospitality aims to elevate India’s F&B by launching more experience-driven restaurants across geographies.

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