Mumbai: Qila, a brain-child of Sid Ugrankar and Vishal Malhotra, aims to provide secure identity data storage to enterprises using blockchain technology. Qila’s unique solutions, such as PrivaSea and GoTrust, enable real-world asset tokenization to create digital footprints of a physical or virtual asset on a private, dedicated, and managed blockchain network. 

These solutions ensure that the ownership of the data remains solely with the customer; data is secure and cannot be modified. “Once a company signs up, they can integrate using the API and begin pushing data to the Blockchain. The data is stored in the form of a chain, which is the core feature of blockchain technology. By providing Blockchain as a service, Qila solves the big challenge of setting up and managing dedicated blockchain networks,” said Sid Ugrankar, Co-Founder & CEO of Qila.

Enterprises across sectors like real estate, healthcare, government, supply chain, and BFSI can easily and effectively integrate Qila’s solutions. This managed service offering saves enterprises the hassle and costs of setting up their own platform. Qila’s Ark and Ark+ plus platforms distributions allow customers to adopt blockchain technology within seconds. By using the Ark Plus platform, customers can further enhance their security by moving from a shared, multi-tenanted setup to a dedicated network.

“Blockchain is the most secure technology available to date. This is why it is used for Cryptocurrency, as the transactions remain secure and anonymous. Blockchain networks are very difficult to hack as there is no way to know where the data is stored and what it looks like. Qila is a way for us to bring Blockchain to the enterprise,” said Vishal Malhotra, Co-Founder of Qila.

For the critical BFSI industry, customers can benefit from the ease of collaboration and by increasing operational intelligence. A robust supply chain can be created using blockchain technology to allow seamless inventory visibility and to track goods from shipping to delivery. The public sector can benefit by using Qila’s solution to improve tax compliance and reduce corruption. Qila can help healthcare services track fraudulent activities in pharmaceutical testing and distribution and help the real estate sector engage directly with customers for products such as land registration and fractionalization.

About Qila:

Qila is a Blockchain-as-a-Service offering that enables enterprises to adopt Blockchain as a technology with a managed network infrastructure. Founders Sid Ugrankar and Vishal Malhotra are serial entrepreneurs who started out with their first venture, a mobile messaging platform Smart Wireless Pvt Ltd, in 2005 with Zee as a co-investor. They became co-founders for the second time with SmartCirqls, where they created big data solutions partnering with a world-leading big data platform. With Qila, they believe that their solutions in Blockchain could be a game-changer for enterprises to adopt this technology quickly and seamlessly. Qila is a Mumbai-based company with offices in Dubai and Chicago.

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