New Delhi: WiFiMap, the pioneering Web3 platform on a mission to bridge the global digital divide, is proud to announced that its utility token $WiFi, is now integrated with the Iopay wallet, a Multi-Chain Crypto Wallet. The partnership is aimed towards further solidifying WiFiMap’s commitment to serving as the decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) wallet of choice. WiFi Map, a prominent player in the DePIN space and a proud partner of IoTeX and ioPay, continues to drive innovation and accessibility in the crypto world.

IoTeX and WiFi Map Are Bridging the Digital Divide:

WiFi Map’s mission revolves around connecting the unconnected through a beautifully designed mobile app. Contributors add both public and private WiFi hotspots to their network, making them easily accessible to anyone with the WiFi Map app. In addition to facilitating seamless WiFi access, WiFi Map offers global eSIM connectivity and VPN services within the app.

Since its inception in 2014 as a Web2 company, WiFi Map has witnessed remarkable success and user adoption:

  • 168+ million app downloads
  • 4 million monthly active users (MAUs)
  • An impressive 4.6/5-star average rating from over 2 million users

Commenting on the development, WiFi Map CEO Denis Sklyarov said, “WiFi Map and ioPay share a vision of connecting the unconnected and driving transformative change in the crypto landscape. This partnership heralds the beginning of many educational and empowering experiences for our users, making it easier than ever to access and utilize $WIFI tokens.”

Expressing his excitement about the partnership (IoTeX’s ioPay Spokesperson), said, “Our integration with WiFi Map’s $WIFI token is a significant step toward fulfilling our mission of providing a unified and accessible crypto experience for our users. We look forward to further collaborations that drive innovation and accessibility in the DePIN space.”

In March 2023, WiFi Map embraced the value of token incentives and introduced $WIFI on the Polygon network. This utility token primarily rewards contributors for adding WiFi hotspots, conducting speed tests, and refreshing passwords. Additionally, it serves as a means to access in-app services such as eSIMs and VPNs.

About WiFi Map:

WiFi Map is a pioneering Web3 platform dedicated to bridging the global digital divide. With over 168 million app downloads and a user base spanning the globe, WiFi Map empowers users to connect to free WiFi hotspots and participate in a vibrant Web3 ecosystem driven by its native utility token, $WIFI. For more information, visit 

About ioPay:

ioPay is a multi-chain crypto wallet developed by IoTeX for the DePIN sector. It supports Ethereum, IoTeX, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, Base, and Fantom, with a mission to eventually encompass all DePIN assets. ioPay simplifies the management of diverse cryptocurrencies, tokens, and DePIN assets within a single, user-friendly platform. For more information, visit

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