New Delhi: Smart Parking Solution start-up Parkmate, a trailblazing leader in the field of Car Parking Management, is excited to announce the launch of its latest digital campaign, #Dutyisnotover, aimed at highlighting the importance of responsible citizenship and patriotism beyond the celebrated Independence Day. The campaign is being rolled out across Parkmate’s various social media platforms, bringing attention to the mishandling of Indian national flags after Independence Day celebrations.

The #Dutyisnotover campaign is more than just a hashtag—it’s a call to action and a reminder that genuine patriotism is a daily practice that goes beyond flag-waving on a single day. The campaign centers around a poignant video that underscores the significance of treating the national flag with respect and dignity, even after the fervor of Independence Day has subsided.

In the video, a scene unfolds with an Indian national flag lying on the ground, evoking a sense of disheartening neglect. However, a Parkmate representative enters the frame, stoops down, and reverently picks up the flag before proceeding to park a customer’s car. This symbolic act encapsulates the essence of the campaign: demonstrating that patriotism is an ongoing commitment manifested through small yet meaningful actions in everyday life.

“We at Parkmate believe that patriotism isn’t just a once-a-year affair. It’s about the collective responsibility and pride we should exhibit daily,” Mr. Abhimanyu Singh Co-founder, CMO/COO at Parkmate. “Our #Dutyisnotover campaign seeks to remind everyone that the values we celebrate on Independence Day should guide our actions every day, including the way we treat our national flag.”

Parkmate has consistently pushed boundaries and embraced innovation in the realm of Car Parking Management. The company’s DROP & SHOP service stands as a testament to its commitment to providing convenience and efficiency. This unique service empowers users to designate their parking location, enabling a dedicated valet to promptly retrieve the vehicle and park it in an authorized lot nearby.

Additionally, Parkmate offers a Hybrid Fastag ANPR system—a cutting-edge solution leveraging HD cameras, an integrated controller, and proprietary software. This system facilitates seamless license plate scanning and automatic vehicle entry, streamlining the parking experience for users and lot operators.

As a pioneer in the niche Car Parking Management market, Parkmate continues to evolve and set new benchmarks. The #Dutyisnotover campaign reaffirms the company’s dedication to promoting values that extend beyond commercial success, emphasizing the importance of responsible citizenship and the significance of every individual’s actions in building a better society.

About Parkmate 

Parkmate is a frontrunner in the field of Car Parking Management, known for its innovation, efficiency, and customer-centric approach. With services like DROP & SHOP and a Hybrid Fastag ANPR system, Parkmate is redefining the parking experience for users and operators alike. The #Dutyisnotover campaign exemplifies Parkmate’s commitment to fostering responsible citizenship and celebrating patriotism in everyday actions.

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