New Delhi: Pidge, a leading logistics technology provider, has launched India’s first hybrid delivery partner network. With a mission to bring digital parity in a largely unorganised logistics sector, the Pidge Partner Network aims to create a digitally inclusive Bharat by leveraging the power of hybrid delivery partners.

To accomplish this, Pidge identified bleeding gaps that are not making businesses grow to their full potential. Whether it’s the challenge of improving the efficiency of internal delivery options or grappling with the unreliability of partnering with third-party logistics (3PL) providers, the unit economics are broken. Unfortunately, there are no winners in the current delivery landscape. Pidge’s establishment of hybrid delivery partner networks nationwide is set to redefine the logistics landscape.

A “hybrid delivery partner network” is an interoperable platform incorporating diverse delivery partners. Pidge’s “logistics technology for all” will bring digital parity and, thus, increase the number of participants in the ecosystem. This will result in an increased fulfilment rate and reduced delivery costs. Consumer behaviour and expectations from at-home delivery are constantly evolving. Reliability and safety have become primary needs. Through the establishment of hybrid delivery partner networks, businesses can be assured of reliability and cost-effectiveness while delivering an exceptional customer experience with each delivery.

Ratnesh Verma, Founder and CEO, Pidge, said, “Harnessing the power of interoperable hybrid networks will pave the way for digital parity in the Indian e-commerce ecosystem. Pidge’s accessible technology brings digital enablement to the unorganised layer. We are committed to removing the digital imbalance between those who ‘want’ delivery and those who ‘can’ deliver. Pidge Partner Networks will complement various government initiatives and help build an inclusive and more connected digital Bharat.”

More than 90% of the logistics sector in India remains unorganised. They lack access to easy and viable technology solutions and thus continue to be pressured by the middlemen. Uplifting them by making them digitally enabled will allow them to grow and reduce the layers of inefficiency in the ecosystem. These partners encompass local movers and couriers, manpower agencies, and crowd-sourced delivery riders. Pidge’s technology is bringing these digitally deprived segments to the forefront and enabling them with easy-to-use technology. If true digitisation is spread wide across this layer, Pidge promises that no delivery will ever get unfulfilled.

Through its platform, Pidge offers an unparalleled range of delivery options, catering to each customer’s unique preferences and requirements. Whether it’s the need for immediate gratification with same-day delivery, the convenience of next-day delivery, or the flexibility of scheduled deliveries, Pidge’s systems can cater to all. By collaborating with a network of reliable delivery partners, Pidge aims to ensure swift and efficient services while maintaining its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Pidge powers businesses to tap into a vast network of delivery operators and has onboarded over 7 leading 3PL partners, including Shadowfax, Porter, LoadShare, Zomato, Dunzo, and Borzo, into the Pidge Partner NetworkPidge has connected businesses with over 50+ local delivery partners across cities, ensuring speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

By providing accessible and efficient delivery solutions, Pidge will enable businesses to enhance their delivery experience, generate greater revenue, and attain unparalleled economies of scale. The empowerment of businesses contributes to a virtuous cycle, fostering a robust and resilient economy that thrives on innovation, diversity, and fair competition. As the dream of better delivery experiences becomes a reality for businesses and consumers, the democratisation of last-mile logistics truly takes flight, ushering in a new era of digital literacy and economic prosperity.

About Pidge

Established in 2019 by Ratnesh Verma and Rushil Mohan, Pidge is dedicated to giving power to unorganised small and medium businesses to digitise, aggregate, and deliver through one logistics platform. Pidge aims to create interoperable hybrid micro-networks where businesses can choose their delivery partners, be it 3PL or local delivery vendors, and, consequently, democratise access to logistics. They have already enabled 6 Mn deliveries with their seamless, low-code proprietary technology and have created a hybrid interoperable delivery network of more than 50k on fleet and 3PL delivery partners. Pidge inspires businesses to expand their horizons and create growth stories through smart technology. They call this idea “to break the barriers”, and it drives everything they do. More than 20 Industry Awards have recognised Pidge for its innovative technology, the most significant one being Silicon India’s Spotlight Award 2022. To learn more, visit

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