Bengaluru: DrinkPrime, the IoT-enabled customized water purifier on subscription, has been acknowledged as one of the Top Online Rental Tech Startups in Tracxn’s ‘Emerging Startup Awards 2023’. DrinkPrime has been recognized under the ‘Minicorns’ category – early-stage companies that have the potential to be unicorns in the long term. This esteemed recognition affirms DrinkPrime’s position as a rapidly growing disruptor in the 30-year-old industry and highlights its commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance the lives of its subscribers.

Tracxn’s selection process involves various parameters like market size, investment by marquee investors, execution excellence and future growth prospects. Backed by marquee investors like Omidyar Network India, Sequoia Surge and 9 Unicorns, DrinkPrime achieved a 330% growth last year. 

“We are incredibly honoured to receive Tracxn’s Top Online Rental Tech Startup Award,” said Vijender Reddy Muthyala, Co-founder and CEO, DrinkPrime. “Our mission is to provide clean, safe and healthy drinking water to all. We knew from the beginning that subscription is the way to improve secure drinking water access in India. We provided five crore litres of safe drinking water to our one lakh+ users in 2022. In the upcoming years, we look forward to making it accessible and affordable to 70% of India using IoT and our subscription model.

DrinkPrime is applauded by Tracxn for its constant focus on leveraging IoT to make safe drinking water accessible to the people of India. The Bengaluru-based startup adds 4000+ subscribers every month and leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to move closer to its mission of providing clean, safe and healthy drinking water to all. 

About DrinkPrime

DrinkPrime was started to solve a personal problem – How do we get access to clean, safe, and healthy drinking water? Seems simple, but here’s what we found. First, most of the water you get in plastic cans isn’t fit for drinking. Second, less than 10% of Indians actually own a water purifier! That’s when we realized this was not just a personal problem but an opportunity to help more people. It’s been seven years since we started on this journey. Today, one lakh+ users in 7 cities depend on us to access clean and safe drinking water!

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