Mother-daughter duo Anureet Sethi and Arushi Sethi founded Trijog, a Psychological and Mental Health Startup designed to provide psychosocial counseling and therapy with both virtually & face-to-face. A school project that was turned into this setup in the year 2014 is one of the top startups for mental health in the country.

Tirjog is a result of Arushi’s personal incident that changed her life and inspired her to impact the lives of others for the better. In 2015, after a traumatic escape from the worst earthquake that Nepal had experienced, Arushi battled post-traumatic disorder. She was lucky to have her strongest pillar, her mom, Anureet, who is a renowned psychologist. “But what happens to the ones who do not get access to the right resources? is a question that bothered me, and ‘Trijog’ was the answer to the same.

The key vision to becoming a Mental Health Advocate was to ensure that every individual in our country and globally can receive the correct knowledge and access to Mental Health Services. ‘Mental health for all’ became a personal motto & then, armed with expertise and a great knowledge pool, Anureet Sethi, we embarked on the journey of building ‘Trijog’ and making it India’s one-stop destination for everything related to mental health,” said Arushi.

It is very important to realise that we are not our titles; we need to execute leadership through only one thing, being humane with ourselves, and for the people, and with the people we work with is what has actually contributed to this success. I also believe it is a razor-sharp vision; your goal is what your mind believes in, so having that razor-sharp vision has actually given us our 7 years of reality today.

Trijog, today, has touched over 25 Million individual lives, works with over 150 corporate organisations, and champions every day that ‘therapy is a lifestyle’, ensuring that for every individual, there is always light at the end of the tunnel! The company’s people-first approach, resilience and unwavering faith in its vision have helped it shape an organisation that exemplifies love, light and trust across all its pillars.

“When we work with brands, Trijog ensures that it integrates in such a way that our co-curated initiatives are torch-bearers of change. Brands have the power to educate their audiences while normalising conversations around mental health. With well-curated messaging, we, along with brands, have the power to shift the perception of mental health challenges – from viewing it as an illness to wellness. Moulding perspectives and shifting narratives will help us navigate through the unsaid mental health pandemic and save lives. Lastly, brands encourage acceptance. With brands, we aim to help acknowledgement, and acknowledgement will increase acceptance and acceptance then will transform into transformation and transition,” Arushi shared the impact of brands on promoting mental health.

Trijog aims to destigmatise and normalise mental health-led conversations. Additionally, startups not only curate campaigns at a company level but also aim to work closely with brands, organisations and regulatory bodies to make mental health a free-flowing and easy conversation. The company’s desire and vision are clear: they want to make mental health accessible for all, and for the same, Trijog will look at curating and co-curating at least 4 campaigns a year.

“A journey of hope, unwavering and complete faith, everyday perseverance, keen resilience, a whole lot of healing and learning, immense self-work, unwavering trust, and abundant blessings, that is what I would say has been the journey behind establishing something which is so secure and so true to the core of what it does. We are proud of our journey and look forward to co-creating a happy and more mental-health friendly India,” Arushi stated.

Rahul Mehra

Rahul has been an integral part of the Hello Entrepreneurs magazine journey since its inception. As a key contributor, he has played a pivotal role in shaping HE into a premier business magazine known for its diverse and compelling content. Rahul's dedication and expertise have been instrumental in curating a wide range of subjects, ensuring that HE remains a go-to resource for entrepreneurs seeking valuable insights and inspiration. His unwavering commitment to excellence has helped establish HE as a trusted platform for thought-provoking articles, interviews, and features, significantly impacting the entrepreneurial community.

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