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Using technology as a tool for human empowerment, Sonu Raju’s Sqing Solutions

The fusion of people and new technologies has been significantly aided by India. Due to its ability to create new opportunities and close market gaps, equal collaboration has always been successful. Sonu Raju, the creator of a technology-based business, has acknowledged the significance of this notion and made remarkable advancements in empowering many people through technology and his business, Sqing Solutions Private Limited.

A well-known internet technology start-up in India is called Sqing Solutions. It has a strong international presence for clients in other nations, in addition to its presence in India. The organization, which is based in Kochi, was founded with the primary objective of supporting the functioning of mobile applications in numerous areas.

Indian linguistic groups. Additionally, it works to enhance a variety of company structures in numerous societal domains, such as reseller programmes and sales, customer assistance, moderation, and moderation.

Even in businesses with more than 18 employees, the Sqing solution’s effects are evident. Sonu Raju, the founder of the firm, has long believed that if the rest of the world is modernizing, humanity should follow suit. With the introduction of Quizina, a customized variation of Kaun Banega Crorepati that enables you to gain knowledge and money simultaneously, the company has constantly demonstrated that it always comes up with something unique and new. The company developed an app that lets users register, take tests, assess their knowledge, and compete for prizes.

Sonu Raju, the founder of Sqing Solutions, was raised in Kothamangalam by middle-class parents. The majority of his family consists of his parents, siblings, and grandparents. From CMR University in Bangalore, he also received a diploma in health. Sonu Raju, a complete outsider, has centered his entire existence around being an entrepreneur. The foundation for Waka Voice in 2021 was also laid by Sonu Raju. It is a platform designed to aid creators in finding their unique voices and establishing themselves in the world at large.

Sqing Solutions has a reputation for being open about important issues, including the fact that it allows developers numerous ways to monetize the market. The public can keep tabs on the nation’s latent talent because of the app’s live streaming and total openness. The application enables the host to earn money.

Kerala is home to a number of the company’s offices, and it has aspirations to grow quickly. Sqing Solutions is constantly ready to address the market’s rising need for SaaS goods with exceptional experiences and services.