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LG Electronics – CineBeam Projector and UltraFine Display OLED Pro

Bringing exceptional viewing experience, the new CineBeam HU715Q projector and the UltraFine Display OLED Procome with the latest technological features and interior-friendly designs

Today, India, June 7: LG Electronics, India’s leading consumer durable, launched the all-new CineBeamProjector with HDR picture quality and the UltraFine Display OLED Pro. The new LG CineBeam HU715Q comes with Ultra Short Throw (UST) features, sophisticated technologies including auto-brightness and the ability to create an 80-inch image when placed only 11.8 centimetres away from the wall, delivering stellar picture quality in a flexible, space-conscious design. At the same time, the UltraFineDisplay OLED Pro comes with variable colour mode, true 10bit colour and DCI-P3 99% and Adobe RGB 99% technology.

LG’s all-new OLED Pro helps enhance the working of the most popular software for VFX and 3D animation to achieve high resolution, detailed colours and seamless VFX work. The OLED Pro’s exceptionally accurate HDR / SDR picture quality and calibration feature help creators maintain the details of their creative works. The 4K resolution and OLED panel help creators monitor their work precisely.

The CineBeamprojector works as aesthetic home decor as it comes with a stylish design. Unlike other conventional 4K laser projectors that feature large, bulky designs, the HU715Q’s sophisticated design seamlessly blends in with anyone’s home decor. The harmony of Kvadrat’s sustainable, grey canvas premium fabric accent, which is EU Ecolabel, Greenguard Gold, HPD, and EPD certified, combined with the clean white colouring of the projector, add an air of luxury and elegance to the home interior.

Commenting on the launch, Hak Hyun Kim, Director- of Home Entertainment, said, “The latest CineBeam projector and the UltraFine Display OLED Pro by LG are loaded with powerful new features, making them the perfect choice for movie lovers and high-quality visual content creators. LG has always been keen on bringing some remarkable innovations to its consumers in India. With the rapid increase in content consumption, LG is willing to provide an immersive cinematic experience in the comfort of one’s home. The new LG CineBeam HU715Q projector is sophisticatedly designed. It offers outstanding brightness, excellent picture, rich sound quality, and a choice of the most popular streaming apps on webOS.The 32EP950UltraFine OLED Pro provides professional-grade of picture quality, excellent colour representation and an optimized workstation for professionals. With all these efforts, LG wants to reinstate their commitment to providing customers with innovation beyond its imagination and state-of-the-art display and features that provide consumers with an all-immersive experience that is truly unparalleled and completely unforgettable!”

UltraFine Display OLED Pro Product Features- 

OLED, Detailed and Precise Colors: 31.5/27-inch 4K OLED | OLED Pixel Dimming | 1M: 1 Contrast Ratio. The self-light-emitting pixels of the LG UltraFine OLED Pro allows incredibly accurate image while adjusting each pixel to express the contrast up to 1Million to 1 between adjacent pixels. This completely removes any halo, enabling accurate colour expression without light interference between pixels. Therefore, users can make quick judgments based on precise colour expression, and even the smallest details of the output can be perfectly expressed.

Mastered Colors, Intended Contents: DCI-P3 99%(Typ.) | Adobe RGB 99%(Typ.) | Variable Color Profile. LG UltraFine™ OLED Pro accurately represents your creative idea and intended colours. It uses the industry-standard DCI-P3 99%(Typ.) and Adobe RGB 99%(Typ.) to deliver a wider range of colour gamuts. The True 10bit can express 1 billion colours without dithering, providing a smoother and high-quality result. The 32/27EP950 supports professionals’ standard colour modes -BT2100 / P3, PQ / HLG covering the full range of HDR signals.

Workstation to Heighten Creativity: H/W Color Calibration | USB Type-C™ (PD 90W) | DisplayPortx2, USBx3, HDMI. The 32/27EP950 features Hardware Calibration allowing direct adjustments of the 10-bits look-up table (LUT) in the monitor to enhance the colour accuracy. LG UltraFine™ OLED Pro is compatible with various devices by providing USB Type-C™ (Power delivery up to 90W), two DisplayPorts, three USB ports, and an HDMI port.

CineBeam Product Features- 

Immersive Cinematic Experience: The HU715Q offers High Picture Quality, a Large Screen, and Rich Sound for Even Deeper Cinematic Immersion. It has 4K UHD picture quality for a truly cinematic experience with an incredible 8.3-million-pixel screen. Using XPR technology based on Texas Instruments’ 4K/UHD DLP technology, the screen can be quickly adjusted in four directions to obtain a maximum resolution of 3840×2160. The HU715Q delivers impeccable precision and detail at four times the resolution of Full HD, meaning that even images up to 120 inches remain clear and crisp.

Ultra-Short Throw: With the HU715Q’s advanced Ultra Short Throw, one can enjoy an 80-inch cinematic screen by placing the projector just 11.8cm away from the wall. For the maximum 120-inch screen size, the HU715Q can be placed merely 31.7cm from the wall. Simple, efficient set-up and compact design ensure it’s easy to get stunning viewing experiences on a realistic cinema scale at home.

Brightens up the movie watching experience:  The projector has a brightness of 2500 ANSI lumens, providing users with true-colour images, even in the daytime. These brighter and clearer images enhance the movie-watching experience without the need to block the outside light completely.

Auto-Brightness and Adaptive Contrast: The projector also offers the feature of Auto-Brightness and Adaptive Contrast. The Auto-Brightness feature, introduced in the HU715Q, automatically adjusts the brightness of the light source according to the projected image and the surrounding environment. This allows users to enjoy images with optimized brightness and quality. When the Ambient Sensor at the bottom of the HU715Q is on, the sensor automatically recognizes the ambient light environment, and the energy-saving level is set.

120-inch screen size: It delivers an awe-inspiring viewing experience with an impressive screen size of up to 120-inches. The screen size is larger than four standard 60-inch large screens, allowing users to dive into an even more immersed experience.

Cinema-Quality Audio The projector also has a cinema-quality built-in sound system to complete the viewing experience, thanks to 20W+20W stereo speakers and Quad Woofers. Four passive radiators are placed above and below the speaker to prevent vibration. With the improved 2.2Ch (quad woofer) 20W+20W speaker, users can enjoy a cinematic sound experience similar to that of a real movie theatre.

Connectivity to Bluetooth: For a richer, more powerful movie sound experience, one can connect two extra wireless Bluetooth speakers to create a 4.2 channel sound system. Adding these two additional speakers to the powerful 2.2 channel speaker will enhance the movie-watching experience with surround sound.

Easy Installation: The Cinebeam HU715Q comes with enhanced convenience for easy Installation. With the help of magic remote control, one can easily adjust the focus. It also features Point Warping for easy horizontal and vertical alignment. Using these 15 points, users can ensure that the screen can be viewed without distortion and in the correct proportions, no matter what angle it is projected.

An outstanding OTT experience: The Cinebeam HU715Q allows enjoying a Wide Variety of Content for Longer with OTT Service, High Device Connectivity, and a 20,000 Hour Lifespan. All one would need is an internet connection to enjoy content quickly and comfortably. LG’s exclusive Smart TV platform, webOS 6.0, is simple to set up and makes it easier to find great content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube.

Compatibility with other apps: The HU715Q can connect to Airplay 2 and Screenshare, allowing users to stream, mirror, control, and share content from smartphones directly to the projector. The projector works with the Home app, so consumers can easily and securely control the projector from all Apple devices. The Home app ensures that all connected devices in the homework are smarter for the consumer. The HU715Q supports Miracast, allowing Android users to move content from their phone to the big screen wirelessly.

Strong battery lifespan: The HU715Q has a 20,000 hour-long lifetime before bulb or lamp replacement is necessary. This is the equivalent of 2-hour daily use over 28 years.

Price and Availability-

The Ultrafine Display OLED Pro Monitor starting at INR 1,99,999, is now available on Amazon. The CineBeam HU715Q is priced at INR. 3,96,000 is available for pre-booking on the online brand store (LG official website).