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WishCare, a vegan personal care company, has hit a million clients!

New Delhi, May 31: WishCare, an exclusively sustainable personal care brand marks the milestone of 1 lakh (one lakh) monthly orders. Touching 1 million (one million) consumer base within such a short span of time. Launched in 2018, the Kolkata-based brand has become extremely popular amongst the true believers of sustainability, WishCare has truly revolutionized the skin & hair care ecosystem by offering a vast range of organic products while maintaining exclusivity of being fully vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable. WishCare’s consumer base spreads across the country with 50% of customers from tier 1 cities.


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 These organic products are based on formulations that contain naturally safe ingredients such as pure cold-pressed oils, natural vitamin extracts, and fermented rice water among others. WishCare’s most popular products include Fermented Rice Water Hair Care Range, the Multitasked vitamin C Pure Glow serum (containing multi-vitamins), and an Invisible Gel Sunscreen (perfect for Indian skin tone). 


Delighted on the occasion, Ms.Stuti Kothari, Founder of WishCare said, “We believe that the good you get from the world is equal to the good you give. We are proud that we have been able to create a community of over 1 million people who make informed and sustainable choices. All WishCare products are created with effectiveness in mind. Using safe and stable ingredients is a key part of our formulas, and we are very transparent about it,” she added further.