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Rainmaker Launches Groundbreaking Symposium and Certification Programme

To Promote DEI and PoSH in Indian Workplaces

Mumbai: Rainmaker, India’s leading learning, content, and technology company in the area of Culture & Compliance, has recently announced an upcoming symposium aimed at transforming organizations’ perception of Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) and its role in creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces. The symposium, titled From Intent to Impact: How Inclusive Organizations Ace PoSH, is scheduled for the 31st of March and the 1st of April 2023 in Mumbai.

Rainmaker has collaborated with more than 700 organizations over the last seven years, sensitizing over three million employees on PoSH, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Anti-bribery Anti-corruption, Code of Conduct, and other compliance and culture-related areas. As a natural progression, Rainmaker has now expanded its program to include individuals in the fields of Human Resources, DEI, and Compliance & Legal professionals, enabling them to directly engage with its expert learning programs through Rainmaker All Inclusive – its events vertical.

Attendees of the symposium will leave as Rainmaker Certified Inclusion & PoSH Practitioners, a highly requested addition to Rainmaker’s existing offerings of e-learning and facilitator-led training modules. The symposium will bring together experts in DEI and PoSH to discuss how truly inclusive organizations recognize the power of implementing the purpose and process of the PoSH Law to create safe, progressive, and inclusive cultures.

Antony Alex, Founder & CEO of Rainmaker, has long believed that creating inclusive workplaces is a crucial step towards eradicating the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. With years of involvement in the PoSH and DEI fields, the connection between the two has always been evident to the Rainmaker team.

“We are confident that this symposium will equip our participants with the necessary tools to create safer and more inclusive workplaces. Whether you are a CHRO, PoSH or DEI practitioner, a member of an Internal Committee, or an individual looking to upskill yourself, this symposium is ideal for you. In addition to certification, our carefully selected experts will provide you with the tools and skills to implement in the workplace or on your Internal Committee,” says Alex.

Rainmaker is committed to transforming mindsets and building a safe, progressive, and inclusive environment for a continuously evolving world. To register for the symposium, interested individuals can reach out to Sreemoyee at For more information about the symposium, interested individuals can visit