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Women Listed’s sole aim to make every woman financially independent

Women Listed is a first-of-its-kind community-based App launched for women entrepreneurs and professionals that celebrates their journey. To makes women financially independent, Women Listed focuses the most on four key areas Listing, learning, marketing and networking. The venture intends to bring all women professionals, entrepreneurs and homepreneurs to one common place who were spread around the globe on smaller communities, Whatsapp groups and Facebook groups and not even registered and identified as working women. A platform that promotes, organizes and enables women-led businesses to flourish and achieve greater heights.

Speaking about the journey of Women Listed, Serial Entrepreneur Meeta Gutgutia shared, “As I look back, I realize that all businesses I started were the need of the time. Be it Ferns N Petal, Sipping Thoughts or Women Listed. With all of them, I tried to bring a solution that wasn’t there. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention! About three decades ago, when I received flowers as a ‘girlfriend’ from my now husband, I was very disappointed with them and shared the same with him. Eventually, we built Ferns N Petals and organized the flower industry. Sipping thoughts came while working at Ferns n Petals and observing the biases and not having a local women-centric platform. A platform to share stories, bringing local expertise where the knowledge sharing and the challenges are real and local too, as whenever I needed pieces of advice, there were mostly none suiting our culture, our problems. That’s why the tagline is – Real Women Real Life. While working at Sipping Thoughts and having conversations with thousands of women, I realized how challenging it could be to connect women experts and entrepreneurs. Many are confided in local WhatsApp groups and smaller colony communities and rely on word-of-mouth marketing. This gave birth to the idea of Women Listed. A dedicated listing platform for women professionals”.Further, she added, “The challenge of any new initiative is to make a model as there are too many ideas and the mind is always shifting. So, bringing it back to WHY am I doing it? What should be my goal? has been the biggest challenge. Then, of course, using and understanding technology and mapping timelines as there are fresh roadblocks and other operational issues can be daunting, yet part of an entrepreneur’s journey. As an entrepreneur, I love working on an idea, strategizing and executing it to bring solutions/happiness/comfort or success to the lives of millions it was intended for. For any entrepreneur, it is eventually the joy of achieving their goal and seeing the society benefit from it.”


‘I believe every woman is a powerhouse with a lot of talent; it is just that they have to realize their potential and harness it. My only motto is that every woman should aim for financial independence and through this platform, I want to enable them to bridge the gap’

In coming years: In the next five years, Women Listed’s vision is to impact each woman by reaching out to the right cohort, listing and educating them. And connecting whatever dots they need to upscale their professional journey and give wings to many more powerful women entrepreneurs.