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Muskan Jain raised bar of Women Empowerment with her brand, Blencci

Blencci is the first-ever fine diamond jewellery brand that had its humble beginnings in the city of Chandigarh

New Delhi: While jewellery brands strive to dominate the sphere of national markets, Muskan Jain, the founder of Blencci and a prime example of Women Empowerment, has overturned the clustered competition by paving her way through elegant and quirky designed diamonds. Blencci is the first-ever fine diamond jewellery brand that had its humble beginnings in the city of Chandigarh, India, in 2019. 

Glowing with the motto of ‘Be Blencci, Be Beautiful’, the brand showcases the years of diligence and distinctiveness that Muskan dreamt of achieving in her journey as a jewellery designer and an inspiring woman entrepreneur. Since then, the brand has conquered the hearts of many women with its international standards and appeal at the most affordable range. Blencci prides on affixing its elements and designs to India’s rich culture and evolving traditions while also enchanting the international audience with its premium quality. Ultimately, somewhere down the line, Blencci has been in a class of itself that is bound to outrank even the international brands that lead the market in the near future.

From cocktails to daily wear, this premium brand envisions defining the true essence of beauty, feminine charm, and individualism through its enticing, unique diamond designs that are a fusion of the Indo-western lifestyle. The unparallel creativity and years of expertise stand as the core pillars behind Blencci’s success. This expertise is backed by years of Muskan’s endeavours as a lead jewellery designer at Navkkar Jewellers, where her artistry helped her soar to unimaginable heights. Building her own proficiency portfolio, she was determined to advance her career to the next stage by starting her own brand and offering the world her elegant designs and ingenious ideas. Despite the pandemic and the tough times she faced as a woman in this domain, she overcame all the hurdles by herself, thereby being a beacon-light for many women out there.  

Her strong vision to revolutionize the industry of jewellery and diamonds is evident from the fast-paced growth of Blencci within a few years. The grace of Blencci made its debut in 2019, and since then, it has acquired a significant customer base in both; the national as well as international markets. This can be accredited to one of the milestones that Blencci has achieved, that is, by expanding its reach into the international market in a competitive environment, all the way to the doors of the USA. The brand has its own boutique shop in Allen, Texas, through the Navkkar Jewellers outlet, which marks the catalyst of her exponential success and leadership. 

Throughout its journey, Blencci has always centered its focus on the integrity and quality of its products and designs. This can be attributed to the iron-clad vision that the founder, Muskan Jain, carries with her. Her mindset can be reflected in this one excerpt of her many inspiring conversations. “There is no pressure on me for recognition; I will keep gaining popularity and success over time. To me, the most essential quality is integrity.” Lead by such an eminent personality, the brand is projected to tap into various international markets and scale unimaginable profits. 

Parallel to her growing brand, Blennci, Muskan Jain has also made noteworthy contributions in various domains. Out of the many milestones she has acclaimed, one that stands out among the others is being the prominent contributor in introducing India’s First Contactless Virtual Try-On Platform, called ‘Magic Mirror’. The extraordinary performance of this innovation can be witnessed at the flagship store of the brand that resides in Chandigarh, India. The distinctive feature of this innovation facilitates the visualization of what would suit the best to a customer, thereby making it convenient with the aid of technological advancements. 

In addition to this, she has also been a founder and honoured as a Judge for ‘Vibrant She’, India’s first online search for Blencci’s face, which is sponsored by Navkkar Jewellers. You can also glimpse her passion for jewellery by visiting her YouTube show, ‘Style with Muskan Jain’. Her show has gained immense popularity in a short span as she shares insightful tips that every woman yearns to know revolving jewellery. 

To delve into the entire story of this inspiring figure and her leading brand, Blencci, you must visit her website which displays the elite designs of jewellery that would surge your interest and end your search for elegance and beauty with its accessories. The charm you seek lies just one click away.