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International Women’s Day 2023: Rising from the ashes of flames; phoenix women

Aaliya Amrin, Co-Founder & Lead Strategist, BTG

Aaliya is the Co-Founder of By The Gram, a content studio based in Mumbai servicing clients globally. Her co-founders are Eman & Danisha, fellow female creatives based in Mumbai as well. Prior to venturing out in the startup world, she had plenty of experience in media and entertainment. From her time in LA to her present in Mumbai, Aaliya doubles up as a creative producer & host for short-form video content. Her first stint in Mumbai was for GQ India. She snagged a position as the Creative Producer for their editorial films, producing fashion films & short-form content for the media conglomerate. BTG is India’s very first and one of its kind creative content studios to have worked with brands like Dharma, Netflix, Amazon Prime, TATA Cliq, Tiger Baby and many more.

Dr. Preeti Singh, Chief Medical Officer, LISSUN

Dr. Preeti Singh has joined LISSUN, a young mental health startup, as Chief Medical Officer in its journey to normalize and personalize mental health in India and beyond. She has an illustrious career of 20+ years working in the healthcare industry across two decades. Throughout her career, she has been associated with marquee names in the healthcare industry and academics.

Kratika Jain, Co-founder and Head of Operations, Pataa Navigations

Kratika Jain is the co-founder and has been working as a Head of Operations at Pataa Navigations since the inception of Pataa navigations Pvt. Ltd. She is a fierce entrepreneur whose ambition is to bring something new to the app’s development. With her primary focus on operationalizing strategy, the Pataa app has garnered 8 million+ downloads with her profound efforts and team leadership.

Angel Zimik, Tattoo Artist at Devil’z Tattooz

Angel Zimik is from Manipur, Ukhrul. She started her tattooing career in April 2018. Unlike many other artists, she had no background in art. Infact, she was never interested in Art. What initially got her into this was when she got a tattoo. It was fascinating to her how something so personal could be etched forever as a beautiful piece of art. It made her wonder about what tattoos can really do to people and realized the profound power of it. “I wanted people to Experience the beautiful transformative power of a tattoo” Since then, she has wanted to become a tattoo artist. Further, she pursued art class in 2017 for 6 months; after which she took up her apprenticeship in Devil’z Tattooz for another 4 months and is now here. 

Romita Mazumdar, Founder & CEO, Foxtale

Romita Mazumdar started Foxtale in response to her experience as a skincare consumer. Over the years, she realized quality skincare products are a luxury accessible to few women in India. “With Foxtale, I wanted to change that – create a skincare brand that puts consumers’ needs at the centre of things – in our research, in our formulations and in our community”. Foxtale is a leading community-first skincare brand that recently launched its new products with the style icon Rhea Kapoor. Romita has recently got shortlisted in the Forbes India 30 under 30 batch of 2023.

Shipra Dubey, Brand Consultant of Westinghouse India

Shipra Dubey is the brand consultant of Westinghouse India. She has an optimistic approach towards life. Shipra Dubey is a travel enthusiast who loves to indulge in adventure sports. Being an entrepreneur, she enjoyed the hustle that makes every day more interesting. She said, “There is never a monotonous day in your life. You are either building a brand or solving problems, taking care of operations while ensuring your team is happy and performing”. Her success mantra is “Not trying your best is taking a road to failure rest everything else accounts for a path towards success. If you have the right attitude and determination, you will succeed. I always make sure that I give my heart and soul to whatever opportunity comes my way”.

Farhana Suhail, Founder, New To Chennai 

Dr Farhana Suhail is a former dentist turned marketer. She specializes in using social media to help brands get the word out. As a social media influencer, she started New To Chennai, an instagram channel turned community with over 200,000 followers and 1.5 Million views per week. New To Chennai, is Chennai’s most sought place to capture all new events and hangout places in and around Chennai.

Mugdha Pradhan, CEO, and Founder of iThrive

Mugdha Pradhan is a TEDx speaker, serial entrepreneur, author, and orator with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. She tapped into the field of functional medicine when her own health began to deteriorate. Through this process, Mugdha discovered the shortcomings of conventional medicine and how it is not subjective and doesn’t treat the body holistically. She moved from Canada to introduce Functional Nutrition for the first time in India through iThrive.

Neha Mishra, Vice President, Human Resources, and   

Neha Mishra leads the people’s process at and She is a seasoned HR professional with a “team member-first” approach. With 14+ years of diverse industry experience, she brings robust expertise from varied sectors such as media & sports, HR consulting, information technology, BPOs, startups, & realty. In her current role, Neha is an ace contributor overseeing overall human resources strategy and information security. She is the “one-stop” for HR- and L&OD-related services for 400+ team members at and over 8000+ agents of

Geeta Singh, Founder & Director, The Yellow Coin Communication Pvt. Ltd

Geeta Singh has set all-new standards for a rich experience in PR and marketing. She began her entrepreneurial journey in 2012 with an investment of Rs. 50,000/- and has never looked back. She is best known for setting goals to resolve problems and achieving them with unwavering commitment. Geeta’s hunger for success and strong faith in doing right always motivate her to do more for the community.