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EzySpit Wins Appreciation Again- Marico Innovation Organisation Owned By Mr. Harish Mariwala Praises Ezyspit

October 16: “From a push for spittoon pouches to curb Railway’s expenditure on cleaning spit stains to how the Indian startup ecosystem is reaching new heights with the exponential growth in Unicorns – today’s InnoWin Newsletter is packed with insights! #Innovation IndianUnicorns #EzySpit” tweeted by Marico Innovation Organisation  owned by Mr. Harish Mariwala  on September 15, 2021, praising the innovative spittoons of EzySpit.

EzySpit is a successful initiative for a spit-free world, praised by several renowned figures. Backed by Actor & Entrepreneur Suniel Shetty and is now the official Brand Ambassador of the startup.

Previously also on 11th December 2018, Mr. Harish Mariwala tweeted praising the entire team of EzySpit, quoting,” Determination and Innovation helped these three young entrepreneurs find a solution to a problem many of us face, #innovation.”

Now the excellent work of EzySpit won praise again from Marico Innovation Organisation. The dream of a beautiful planet seems to be near with their newly introduced spittoons.

EzySpit had paved the pavement of hygiene and cleanliness with their products. It seems they are now dedicated to serving the best without rest. The price at which they offer their products is nowhere to be compared to the expenses incurred in cleaning the stains of spits, especially pan masala and pan.

EzySpit has accelerated their work of “Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan” with their products and endorsements from such great people dictates their success story!