X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, has just unveiled an exciting new feature that’s sure to enhance our social media experience. Now, users have the fantastic option to engage in audio and video calls directly on the platform. This latest development, which was hinted at by CEO Linda Yaccarino earlier this year, is a significant step in X’s transformation into the ultimate “everything” app, fulfilling the visionary goals of Elon Musk.

Upon opening X, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to receive a warm welcome with a notification that proudly announces, “Audio and Video calls are here!” To make the most of this feature, you can explore the various customization options available, all within your reach. Simply head to your Direct Messages settings, which can be found in the shape of a small gear icon.

If you prefer not to receive calls on X, don’t worry; they’ve got you covered. In the settings, you can easily disable this feature. But those who are excited about the possibilities can choose to allow calls from verified users, individuals in your address book, or even just people you follow. This ensures that you have complete control over your communication experience on X. So, whether you’re looking to connect with friends, colleagues, or your favourite influencers, X’s new audio and video call feature is here to make your social interactions more engaging and convenient than ever before. Join the revolution today!

X has faced challenges in creating a welcoming environment, especially for marginalized communities. It’s understandable why many users might be cautious about embracing this new feature. What’s more, not everyone will receive the initial notification about the calling feature, which comes pre-enabled. It’s a wise approach to check if it’s already accessible on your account and then make an informed decision about whether to keep it active.

While we hope that X may consider reevaluating this feature, perhaps we can negotiate to prioritize other functionalities, like saving Circles. However, if this feature is here to stay, it would have been a more user-friendly choice to allow individuals to opt into it themselves rather than having it automatically enabled. Some users may not discover this feature until an unwanted caller disrupts their experience. At X, we value your feedback, and we’re committed to making your time on our platform enjoyable and secure. Let’s work together to create the best possible user experience.

On iOS, video calling is already available, and soon, it will also be possible on Android.

Empowering Users to Connect: Making the Most of X’s Calling Feature:

Here’s the exciting part: even if you’re using X for free, you can still enjoy the benefits of calls. You’re in control, as you get to decide who can reach out to you with this fantastic feature. Simply head over to your Direct Messaging settings, and you’re good to go. By default, you can receive calls from those you follow or have in your address book, but there’s a cool twist: both parties must have exchanged Direct Messages at least once to initiate a call.

So, how do you kickstart a call on X? It’s a breeze:

  1. Navigate to your direct messages.
  2. Choose an existing chat or start a new one.
  3. Hit the phone symbol.
  4. Now, you get to decide whether you’re up for an ‘Audio call’ or a ‘Video call’ by tapping the icons that suit your preference.

The person you’re calling will promptly receive a notification, and if they’re unable to answer, they won’t miss a beat – they’ll still be in the loop with a notification of your call. X makes staying connected more seamless and enjoyable than ever before. Get ready to dive into the world of calls on your favourite platform!

X’s introduction of voice and video calls marks a significant leap forward in the world of social media. As the platform continues to evolve into an “everything” app, users can look forward to more engaging and convenient interactions. X remains committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment, with user feedback at the forefront of its development. So, embrace this exciting new feature and join the X revolution in social media communication today.

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