New Delhi: where things are always changing, one part hasn’t really evolved much—the basic car key. But Keydroid, led by smart thinker Rajat Jaiswal, wants to change all that. Located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Keydroid India isn’t just another brand; it’s all about making luxury car accessories better.

Founding principles:

Rajat Jaiswal started Keydroid because regular car keys just weren’t cutting it anymore. His idea? Make smart upgrades for car keys that are both fancy and useful.

Filling in the Gaps: Making Better Keys

Keydroid saw a problem: while cars can be personalized in lots of ways, the keys were often left out. So, they started making cool, customizable keys with screens and different designs.

Keydroid’s smart key upgrades go beyond the ordinary, infusing driving with a futuristic touch. Proximity locks enable hands-free unlocking, while the high-definition touchscreen doubles as a display for essential information, addressing concerns about misplacement or valet handling. Personalization takes center stage, with keys available in a myriad of colors, transforming each piece into a unique style statement.

More than just keys:

Keydroid doesn’t stop at keys; they’re also into other car stuff, like ‘Nerve,’ their line of car perfumes. And they’ve got this cool technology that lets you upgrade your car without messing with its main functions.

Dreaming big:

Strategically situated in Noida and Gurgaon, Keydroid expands its presence with dealerships in key locations. Going beyond mere profit, the brand aims to secure funding for future expansion, aspiring to become a global leader in luxury car accessories.

With its innovative ideas and top-notch quality, Keydroid is set to shake up the car industry and make driving even more fun.

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