New Delhi: The developer of video game software Unity Technologies has made the decision to shut down two of its locations and postpone a town hall meeting. The corporation has taken this extraordinary move in response to what it has determined to be a serious death threat. The warning came after Unity’s recently contentious move to alter its pricing structure, which infuriated the game industry.

Previously, Unity was seen as the video game industry’s saviour. It offered an engine or foundation for several games rather than just one and was comparatively simple to operate. Some gaming firms, particularly in Japan, weren’t even sharing identical engines inside their own teams as recently as the early 2000s! Prior to the rise of commercial gaming engines, every game was custom-built, which had certain benefits but also required a lot of time and complicated every port. One of the best things Unity offered was a very simple pipeline to console releases, which made transfers more about platform oddities than complete recoding.

John Riccitiello, the CEO of Unity, had been scheduled to speak to the workers during a town hall meeting. However, he made the decision to call off the meeting out of prudence, citing security issues. Additionally, Unity has decided to close its operations in San Francisco and Austin on Thursday and Friday.

In the aftermath of a contentious discussion over its pricing plan, Unity issued a statement on the office closures and threats. The business disclosed intentions to put in place a new payment mechanism for programmers utilising its software, referred to as the Unity Engine. Once a certain threshold is achieved, Unity-based game creators will begin to be charged depending on the number of user installs on January 1, 2024.

This move sparked a firestorm of outrage, with several game makers charging Unity with breaking its own terms of service and fearing the increased fees may endanger their jobs. Many gaming companies openly urged the tech giant to reevaluate its pricing strategy.

Unity Technologies has come under fire as a result of a controversial price choice and a real-life death threat, bringing attention to the feelings and repercussions that may result from decisions in the game business.

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