New Delhi: TO THE NEW, a leading global digital technology services company, is proud to announce its certification as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Graviton Service Delivery Partner. This recognition validates AWS Partners that excel in enabling the best price-performance for workloads in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), RDS, DocumentDB, Elasticache, OpenSearch, MemoryDB, & more and that help customers accelerate and scale their adoption of AWS Graviton to achieve better workload performance and cost savings.

This specialization strengthens TO THE NEW’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge cloud solutions on AWS Graviton’s advanced architecture and empowers businesses with enhanced performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

TO THE NEW has been an AWS partner since 2013, helping customers across geographies and industry verticals adopt AWS, set up new applications on AWS, migrate legacy applications and infrastructure from on-premises data centres to the Cloud, deploy DevOps automation, and 24×7 managed services.

As an AWS Graviton Delivery Partner, TO THE NEW, joins an exclusive group of AWS Partners that offer customers world-class services to implement workloads on AWS Graviton-based services. From pilots to production deployment, verified partners can recommend a transition strategy to AWS Graviton and guide the customer throughout the entire process.

The collaboration with AWS enables TO THE NEW to leverage the power of AWS Graviton processors for a wide range of workloads, including web applications, containerized microservices, and data analytics.

“We are thrilled to achieve the AWS Graviton Service Delivery Partner certification,” said Narinder Kumar, COO and Co-founder at TO THE NEW. “This recognition showcases our dedication to staying at the forefront of cloud technology and delivering exceptional solutions to our clients. With a team of 50+ specialized AWS Graviton experts and our experience in the successful migration of complex cloud workloads to AWS Graviton, we commit to fueling customer-centric next-generation architecture adoption on AWS. Leveraging ARM architecture, we aim to unlock higher speed, power, performance, and flexibility while reducing the total cost of ownership for our customers.”

With this certification, TO THE NEW looks forward to offering migration services tailored to leverage the unique capabilities of AWS Graviton processors along with strategic guidance throughout its customers’ AWS Graviton adoption journey. With extensive experience in cloud-native development, TO THE NEW is well-positioned to assist businesses in harnessing the full potential of AWS Graviton and driving digital transformation initiatives.

TO THE NEW’s recognition as an AWS Graviton Delivery Partner further strengthens its position as a trusted digital transformation partner capable of delivering innovative cloud solutions and driving customer business growth. This includes helping Tata Play, India’s leading PayTV and OTT Services Company, to define a strategy and execute a successful end-to-end migration.

Commenting on this, Vishal Arya, CTO/CIO at Tata Play, said, “Cultivating innovation is at the core of Tata Play’s ethos. We leverage AWS for several large digital platforms. TTN has been our Cloud and digital partner for many years. As part of the Cloud Cost Optimization drive, TTN helped us migrate many of our workloads to AWS Graviton. It not only resulted in significant cost savings without any performance impact but also contributed towards our ESG goals. We will keep leveraging such services as they emerge to accelerate our pace of innovation further and bring cost efficiencies to our customers.”


TO THE NEW is a digital technology services company that provides product engineering, Cloud, and FinOps services to enterprises, SaaS, and consumer tech companies.

TO THE NEW is recognized by global analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester, Everest, ISG, and Zinnov for its capabilities in Digital Engineering, Cloud, and Data and analytics. The company also leverages its deep partnership with all leading hyperscalers like AWS (Premier Partner), Azure, and GCP to provide end-to-end Cloud professional and managed services to its customers. TO THE NEW is one of the fastest-growing companies, with a growth rate of over 60% since 2017. The company’s passionate team of 2300+ Newers is spread across its headquarters in Singapore and delivery centres in Delhi, Dehradun, Dubai, NYC, and Sydney.

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