New Delhi: Apple is on the brink of revolutionizing the health-monitoring game with a slew of potentially life-saving features for their upcoming Apple Watch models. Following the impressive success of existing features like Crash Detection, ECG, blood oxygen monitoring, and Fall Detection, Apple is set to take it up a notch. 

In a recent newsletter, it’s been revealed that the Apple Watch of the future, expected in 2024, could be equipped with two groundbreaking health tools: a blood pressure monitor and a sleep apnea detector. The blood pressure monitor is not just a number on your wrist; it will actively notify you when your blood pressure is elevated. What’s more, Apple is rumoured to be working on an advanced version capable of providing precise systolic and diastolic pressure readings, along with the option to keep a personal blood pressure journal. 

The Apple Watch is also set to become your ultimate sleep guardian. It will monitor your sleep patterns and breathing behaviour, all to detect potential health issues. If something seems off, the corresponding app will gently nudge you to consider a medical consultation, ensuring you stay ahead of any problems. 

These new features align perfectly with Apple’s growing focus on health and wellness, making their smartwatches accurate lifesavers. And if you’re eagerly awaiting these innovations, you might have to hold your breath a bit longer for non-invasive blood sugar monitoring. Although it’s been in development for years, it’s not expected until later in the decade. Still, with Apple’s commitment to health, it’s definitely on the horizon.

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