Pune: Seracle, a leading global Web3 infrastructure, has announced its expansion into the Saudi Arabian market with the launch of Marhabaverse, a platform poised to transform brand engagement in the dynamic landscape of Web3 Gaming and Metaverse.

With this, Seracle has also set up an establishment in Riyadh to oversee the operations in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries to drive digital innovation and sustainability in that market.

By partnering with local businesses, Marhabaverse aims to create immersive and sustainable brand experiences within the Metaverse and Web3 Gaming space.

Marhabaverse will soon be onboarding some of the top brands and businesses in Saudi Arabia initially to help these brands in showcasing their products, services, and identities while actively contributing to a greener world as each of these interactions within Marhabaverse will translate into the generation of carbon credits, which are utilized to offset the environmental impact.

Shrikant Bhalerao, Founder & CEO of Seracle, remarked, “Seracle’s expansion into Saudi Arabia is a testament to our belief in the transformative potential of the Metaverse and Web3 Gaming. Marhabaverse goes beyond entertainment; it represents a commitment to sustainability and brand innovation.”

Seracle, as a Web3 infra, is going to soon announce SCM, ERP and Carbon tracking blockchain integration and partnerships with local Oil and Gas and construction companies, too, Bhalerao added.

This strategic approach not only bolsters the local ecosystem but also empowers Saudi brands to thrive in a digital-first world.

About Seracle:

Seracle is a pioneering Web3 infrastructure provider committed to shaping a sustainable digital future. Grounded in innovation, sustainability, and brand engagement, Seracle empowers brands and businesses to excel in the Web3 era. Through “Marhabaverse,” Seracle creates immersive and sustainable brand experiences in the Metaverse and Web3 Gaming while championing environmental responsibility through carbon credits.

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