New Delhi: e-Sprinto, India’s leading electric two-wheeler brand, has embarked on a significant expansion spree with the launch of 26 dealership showrooms across the country. This strategic move reflects e-Sprinto’s commitment to providing easy access to sustainable electric mobility solutions for consumers throughout India.

e-Sprinto’s expansion plan includes dealership showrooms spread across various states of India. These showrooms are strategically scattered across North, West, and East India to ensure maximum accessibility for potential customers.

All these dealerships have started operating fully and perfectly timed with the onset of the festive season. This timing aims to cater to the increased demand for electric two-wheelers during this period.

The brand’s manufacturing unit is dedicated to crafting top-notch quality products with cutting-edge technology in electric two-wheelers, offering a one-stop solution for consumers seeking reliable, performance-oriented, and sustainable mobility options. e-Sprinto’s mission is to cater exclusively to the Indian e-mobility sector, addressing the growing need for eco-conscious transportation.

e-Sprinto has been experiencing remarkable growth, having proudly achieved a 50% overall growth rate during the initial quarter of 2023. This growth is a testament to the brand’s strong market presence and the increasing preference among consumers for electric mobility options.

Mr Atul Gupta, Co-Founder and Director of e-Sprinto, commented on the expansion, saying, “We are thrilled to announce the opening of 26 dealership showrooms across India. This initiative reaffirms our commitment to providing accessible and sustainable electric mobility solutions to a wider audience. We look forward to serving our customers and contributing to a greener and cleaner India.”

With this ambitious expansion, e-Sprinto aims to reach more consumers, raise awareness about the benefits of electric two-wheelers, and further strengthen its position as India’s fastest-growing electric two-wheeler brand.

About e-Sprinto:

e-Sprinto is the brainchild of Vinod Gupta, Atul Gupta, and Shalu Gupta. Together, they felt the need to take the enormous leap from ICE to E2W, which would help people envision a better and healthier tomorrow. With the years-long experience and knowledge of Vinod Gupta and Atul Gupta, the visionary and innovative attitude of Shalu Gupta worked as magic to lay the foundation of e-Sprinto in March 2022. The brand’s manufacturing unit is dedicated to providing a one-roof solution in crafting top-notch quality products with cutting-edge technology in electric two-wheelers. E-Sprinto’s mission is to provide Reliable, Performance-oriented, Sustainable products catered exclusively for the Indian e-mobility sector.

Rahul Mehra

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