New York: WiFi Map, the leading Decentralised Wireless (DeWi) application in the crypto realm, proudly announces its milestone of securing a remarkable 168 million users. This achievement elevates WiFi Map to the upper echelons of influential entities within the Web3 and cryptocurrency arenas.

In the past half-year, following the introduction of its utility token, $WIFI, WiFi Map has seen a steep growth in its app downloads. This token has swiftly become a powerhouse, finding listings on premier cryptocurrency exchanges like OKX, Huobi,, and Poloniex.

Spanning over 200 countries, WiFi Map cements its stature in the DeWi industry, housing over 10 million active hotspots and nurturing a dynamic user community. The swift adoption of the $WIFI token is evident from its listing on some of the top exchanges in a mere five months. Reinforcing this growth is the seamless integration with Fireblocks, ensuring a fortified environment for all $WIFI-associated transactions and services.

  • $WIFI is now listed on the world’s top crypto bourses like OKX, Huobi,, and Poloniex

Denis Sklyarov, CEO of WiFi Map, articulated his zeal about the company’s soaring trajectory: “Our metamorphosis from Web2 to Web3 is truly monumental. The overwhelming response to our $WIFI token and the unwavering support from the global Web3 fraternity have surpassed our forecasts. It stands as a testament to our allegiance to harness decentralization, tokenomics, and DeFi for sculpting a revolutionary business paradigm.”

The recent US$ 1.7 million token sale held in April maps out an audacious blueprint for the next 18 months. Upcoming highlights include novel product features, an extended eSIM service spanning 200 nations, engaging $WIFI airdrop contests and real-time tasks, and forging alliances with both crypto initiatives and Web2 ventures. WiFi Map’s prime objective is to amplify the uptake of $WIFI tokens and catalyze the app economy’s evolution.

Steering the ship of WiFi Map are seasoned professionals Denis Sklyarov (CEO) and Igor Goldenberg (CTO). Having weathered ten years in the industry, WiFi Map champions an ecosystem revolving around seamless connectivity, utmost privacy, and travel convenience.

The $WIFI token offers its holders unparalleled advantages & utilities like discounts on eSIM purchases, rewards for contributing to the ecosystem, & more. Ensuring enhanced utility vis-à-vis conventional data providers. This token is instrumental in crafting a sustainable economy within the WiFi Map ecosystem and bridging it with the larger Web3 space.

About WiFi Map

Originating from the brains of co-founders Igor Goldenberg and Denis Sklyarov, WiFi Map sprouted from their challenges with procuring free WiFi during international journeys. Their brainchild now embodies a decentralized, community-centric platform that promotes WiFi hotspot sharing, forging a universal network that guarantees uninterrupted internet access, irrespective of geography.


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