New Delhi: Apple has recently announced a major development that will enhance texting between iPhones and Androids. The tech giant is set to support RCS (Rich Communication Services messages) in iPhones, a move that has been encouraged by Google. RCS is hailed as the successor to SMS and offers advanced features for messaging.

According to a statement by Apple, they will be integrating support for RCS Universal Profile, the standard endorsed by the GSM Association, in the coming year. Apple believes that RCS Universal Profile will provide a superior interoperability experience compared to traditional SMS or MMS. This addition will complement iMessage, ensuring it remains the top-notch and secure messaging experience for Apple users.

An interesting twist is that Apple is expected to display RCS messages in green, whereas iPhone messages have traditionally been represented in blue. The colour choice is seen as a cultural status indicator, with blue bubbles signifying the safety and security of Apple’s iMessage. This colour debate has even influenced some Android users to consider switching to iPhones.

RCS brings a host of features to carrier-based messaging, including support for group messaging, photo sharing, and messaging over Wi-Fi. The move by Apple to embrace RCS is a response to long-standing requests from companies like Google and Samsung. These companies have campaigned for this support through marketing efforts, and even Nothing, a phone company associated with OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, has introduced iMessage-style messaging on its Android phones in response to Apple’s dominance.

In addition to this messaging development, Apple has extended free access to its Emergency SOS via satellite service for existing iPhone 14 users for an additional year. This technology initially launched in the U.S. and Canada, is now available on the iPhone 15 lineup in 16 countries and regions. This service allows users to communicate with emergency services even when outside cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. Overall, these advancements showcase Apple’s commitment to improving communication and safety features for its users.

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