Bangalore: 82Volt, a pioneering Electric Vehicle Charging Technology company specialising in energy conversion, has officially unveiled its strategic collaboration with Novel Offices, a renowned name in the flexible office space sector. This partnership aims to revolutionise the electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape in Bangalore, representing a significant stride towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

According to industry reports, India had surpassed 1 million EVs as of March 2022, with projections estimating a remarkable 50 million by 2030. Despite this, electric vehicle penetration remains at approximately 1 per cent, as noted by Moody’s Investors Service. To accelerate EV sales and meet the Government of India’s goal of 30 per cent EV penetration by 2030, establishing a reliable, accessible, and affordable EV charging infrastructure is a pressing necessity. 82Volt is poised to address this challenge.

With a shared vision to expedite electric vehicle adoption and advocate green mobility, 82Volt and Novel Offices are joining forces to install over 200 EV chargers across six prominent Novel Offices properties and three upcoming ones in Bangalore within the next three years. This undertaking aims to enhance accessibility and convenience for EV charging among office occupants and the wider public while fostering a sustainable ecosystem.

Akshay Sasikumar, CEO of 82Volt, remarked, “As a frontrunner in EV charging solutions, we are excited to collaborate with Novel Offices to reshape how businesses perceive sustainable transportation. Our cutting-edge charging technology, combined with Novel Offices’ commitment to innovation, will significantly contribute to the electrification of urban mobility.”

Mr. Manoj Nair, President of Novel Office, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are steadfast in fostering innovation and sustainability within our offerings. Partnering with 82Volt perfectly aligns with our mission to provide clients with state-of-the-art amenities that reflect our dedication to a greener future. This initiative is poised to establish a new benchmark for eco-friendly infrastructure in commercial spaces.”

82Volt’s advanced charging network technology will power this collaboration. Designed to suit Indian grid conditions, 82Volt chargers are robust, tech-enabled, and equipped to capture over 150+ data points from each charging cycle, facilitating seamless charging experiences for EV users and actionable insights for its enterprise clients. Additionally, this partnership will spotlight the capability of 82Volt to monitor and quantify Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) credits generated through the establishment of this advanced EV charging infrastructure.

This collaboration exemplifies both companies’ shared commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable urban development. By enhancing convenience for EV users and contributing to reduced carbon emissions, 82Volt and Novel Offices are charting the course for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

About 82Volt

82Volt is an Electric Vehicle Charging Technology company specialising in energy conversion. The company offers a range of AC and DC charging solutions, along with software solutions tailored to Indian grid conditions. These solutions empower automakers, EVSE suppliers, and commercial enterprises to embrace clean transportation through a robust charging network. The company recently concluded its seed funding round, securing INR 5 crore from angel investors. It aims for a 200 per cent absolute growth by FY 2023-24, expanding its team, geographical reach, and charger installation capacity.

About Novel Offices

Novel Offices is a premier flexible office space provider that designs modern and dynamic work environments for businesses of all sizes. Committed to sustainability, with specialised workplace solutions enabling businesses to design their working spaces precisely. By utilising our specialised workspace amenities, clients can fully utilise Novel Office’s adaptable workspaces, creating an environment that is favourable for innovation and growth.

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