New Delhi: Herby Angel, India’s pioneering holistic Ayurvedic and organic personal care and nutrition brand, recently conducted an insightful online survey among parents. Notably, 72% of the respondents were inclined to use Ayurvedic massage oil for their infants. The findings shed light on the fact that 68% of parents are eager to select products that offer many benefits for their little ones, such as promoting strong bones and muscles, enhancing digestion, fostering improved brain development, and nurturing healthy, glowing skin.

The surge in the use of harmful chemicals in children’s skincare products has prompted young parents to embrace organic alternatives infused with the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda. This approach shows great potential in healing and preventing allergies in infants. According to the survey results, 46% of respondents voiced concerns about harmful ingredients, with Parabens topping the list as substances that should be avoided in baby care products.

India’s organic personal care products market is projected to grow substantially, expected to increase from USD 570 million in FY-2020 to USD 1,240 million by FY-2026, demonstrating a commendable CAGR of 15% till FY-2026. This uptick can be attributed to the rising literacy rates and urbanization within the country, which are driving increased awareness regarding the adverse effects of chemicals and synthetic ingredients, such as parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and formaldehyde, commonly found in personal care products, as per TechSci Research.

The survey further unveiled a compelling statistic: 93% of respondents firmly believe in the significance of baby massages for a child’s development, with 72% expressing a preference for Ayurvedic oils during these massages.

Addressing the survey results, Ms. Sherry Jairath, CXO of Herby Angel, remarked,” Our survey outcomes indicate a mounting demand for Ayurvedic personal care products in India – consumers are looking for organic Ayurvedic products after witnessing harmful ingredients in most baby care products. Additionally, they are seeking products with provide multiple benefits for kids. At Herby Angel, we are developing a range of baby care products formulated with Bala Ashwagandha oil, an age-old Ayurvedic baby massage oil made with an exquisite blend of 20+ herbs which provides multiple benefits, including strong bones & muscles, better brain development and glowing skin.”

Additionally, the survey found that 43% of respondents now purchase baby care products from both online and offline stores, highlighting a significant transformation in the buying trends in the baby care industry.

About Herby Angel: Herby Angel’s product line is proudly ‘Made-In-India’ and prioritizes the safety and well-being of little ones, offering protection against avoidable health-related concerns. The brand’s mission revolves around championing holistic healthcare solutions for babies and children through Ayurveda-based nutraceutical and personal care products, all meticulously crafted with organic ingredients. These products can be conveniently bought through the brand’s official website, as well as leading e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, FirstCry, Amala Earth, Meesho, JioMart, and more. They are also available at prominent retail outlets nationwide.

The brand’s future plans include:

  • Forging partnerships with major retail chains.
  • Exploring franchise opportunities.
  • Even launching exclusive brand outlets in select areas to broaden its distribution network.

The goal is to expand from the current 70 distributors to approximately 150 distributors by the end of this financial year.

Rahul Mehra

Rahul has been an integral part of the Hello Entrepreneurs magazine journey since its inception. As a key contributor, he has played a pivotal role in shaping HE into a premier business magazine known for its diverse and compelling content. Rahul's dedication and expertise have been instrumental in curating a wide range of subjects, ensuring that HE remains a go-to resource for entrepreneurs seeking valuable insights and inspiration. His unwavering commitment to excellence has helped establish HE as a trusted platform for thought-provoking articles, interviews, and features, significantly impacting the entrepreneurial community.

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