New Delhi: Varco Leg Care, a leading consumer health-tech company at the forefront of best-in-class science, photo technology and neural network innovation, has announced raising a bridge funding round of INR 2 Crore to advance its mission of revolutionizing leg care across India and the world. Mr. Neeraj Garg, Former CEO of Hindustan Coca-Cola, led this round. Besides the participation of existing investors, the round also witnessed participation from multiple new investors, including senior executives from Coca-Cola, Emporia UAE, Highway Concessions One, a KKR company, and a few HNIs, recognizing the immense potential and promise that Varco® holds.

Varco Leg Care will be utilizing the newly acquired capital to propel the company’s growth across various crucial areas, such as the acquisition of top talent, expanding retail presence, appointing key opinion leaders (KOLs), exploring new international markets, integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance treatment adherence, improving R&D efforts, and elevating customer retention efforts.

Speaking about the latest fundraise, Mr. Anondeep Ganguly, CEO of Varco Leg Care, remarked, “We are happy to announce the successful conclusion of our bridge fundraiser – which is a testament to the trust and confidence that our investors have in Varco® Leg Care and our committed team. Additionally, the funding will play a major role in bolstering our mission of fostering a healthier, happier world, one leg at a time. Beyond pioneering effective leg care products with the help of advanced phyto and neural network technology, we at Varco® are also empowering consumers to engage in diagnosing and managing their leg health actively. In the long run, we aim to become a global leader in the leg care solutions domain and envision a world where all individuals move freely without any leg disorder burdens”. 

Ex-CEO of Hindustan Coca-Cola, Mr Neeraj Garg, who is the lead investor of the round and has been recently appointed as an Individual Director of Nano Phyto Care, the parent company of Varco®, expressed his confidence, saying, “This successful fundraise underscores the profound belief that investors have in Varco Leg Care. By creating breakthrough leg care solutions powered by phytotechnology and enabling consumers to manage their well-being proactively, Varco® is ushering in an unforeseen positive transformation in the leg care space. Going forward, we foresee Varco® Leg Care products becoming a household essential across our country and internationally, too”. 

Based on its ambitious and strategic vision for growth, over the next two years, Varco Leg Care is determined to achieve an impressive 10x growth in its Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). This transformation shall be driven by several key initiatives, including attracting top-notch experts to strengthen its team, integrating technology into operations for streamlining procedures and enhancing client experiences, and ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Furthermore, Varco will expand its product portfolio, introducing unique topical photo products for foot ulcers, restless leg syndrome, nail fungus and cellulite. 

Through these strategic endeavours, Varco® is poised to establish itself as the world’s leading leg care brand, committed to delivering healthier, happier legs to people across the globe. Varco® Leg Care is actively developing a comprehensive leg care products portfolio and plans to strengthen its position across the US market through strategic partnerships with leading marketplaces, as well as to expand to new markets such as GCC countries.  

Powered by state-of-the-art neural network technology and photo technology, Varco® Leg Care offers users the ability to actively self-diagnose and manage their leg health, ushering in a new era of personalized care and convenience. Varco® has achieved many remarkable milestones in its journey since its inception in 2022. To date, they have served over 3 lakh customers, expanded their presence to over 1500+ pharmacies across Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi, and recorded a net lifetime revenue of over $1 million. 

With a retention rate exceeding 40% and an efficacy rate surpassing 82%, Varco® has successfully earned the trust of Indian consumers by offering competitively priced, high-quality, and effective products that target a range of leg health issues. They are proud to be among the select Indian brands listed on Walmart and have been achieving a remarkable 30% month-on-month growth rate. The company is looking to raise more rounds of funding in the near future to enhance further and skyrocket its growth.

About Varco Leg Care:

Varco Leg Care, an innovative healthcare startup based in Delhi, is founded on the pillars of cutting-edge science and Nobel Prize-winning phytotechnology. What sets us apart is our unique portfolio of products and vertically integrated supply chain, where we cultivate most of our medicinal plants and extract phytomolecules using our proprietary technology. 

Varco Leg Care is dedicated to creating and providing a wide range of leg care products that address the leg health needs of customers worldwide. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for those with leg disorders, and through the use of innovative Phyto Transdermal technology for treatment and Neural Network technology for diagnosis, we empower our customers to regain confidence, mobility, and comfort. We aim to be a beacon of hope for conditions like spider veins, varicose veins, diabetic foot, and restless leg syndrome, among other leg health issues, committed to improving well-being and fostering a healthier, happier world. Varco® Leg Care’s long-term vision is to lead globally in leg care solutions while striving continuously to impact global leg health positively. We aim to set industry standards for excellence and integrity, dedicated to improving our customers’ lives and communities’ well-being.

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