New Delhi:Thriwe, India’s first and largest consumer benefits marketplace, has announced the launch of Surge, a product that will help retailers, consumer electronics chains, and banks allow their respective customers to consolidate and use their loyalty points and benefits across various points of sale.

With Surge platform, Thriwe will be able to change the benefits redemption landscape by offering an extensive range of options across multiple categories, including sports, hospitality, fashion, entertainment, consumer durables, grocery stores and even airlines. So far, no other company has been able to provide rewards across such a diverse array of categories, all available under one roof.

The New Delhi-based B2B benefits platform plans to partner with 12 odd institutions, including banks, airlines, retailers and multiplexes over the next six months.

“At present, the experience with the loyalty points and rewards system in India is broken with millions of such shopping points going wasted in various shopping cards. The idea is to collate all the points and convert those into real money so that the end customer can use it wherever and whenever they want. Consumers can redeem the points across more than 2 lakh touch points,” said Dhruv Verma, Founder and CEO of Thriwe.

While the feature will help brands and companies retain their customers and drive brand loyalty, this will also help them with a competitive advantage against their peers.

Meanwhile, customers will also be rewarded for their behavioural attributes like registering for a newsletter or liking a post of the brand, referring another customer, creating content, custom actions, running a mile, investing a particular amount, to maintaining a certain balance in account, for credit card usage limit, for purchasing from a brand, for special occasions.

About Thriwe:

Founded in the year 2011 by Dhruv Verma, an XLRI alumnus, Thriwe has headquarters in India and offices across the UAE, Singapore, London, and Florida. It has raised funding from the angel fund YourNest fund and Africa’s Ison Networks.

The company runs India’s largest tech-enabled benefits as a platform ecosystem and has over one lakh partner associations and a service delivery presence in 130 countries globally.

They have services including concierge, travel ecosystem earn and burn across, dining, hyperlocal, gyms, e-commerce and golf, among others.

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