New Delhi: During the World Cups, everybody is more excited, feels more energetic and is ready for more physical activities. There is more energy in the air. In our country, most people would have played Cricket at some level at some point in time. Given an opportunity, they would still go out wherever they can and play the game because they not only love watching Cricket but also playing Cricket.

Riding on this insight, Homegrown technical sports apparel brand Technosport, an activewear brand, decided to encourage people to enjoy the charming and unique nuances of Cricket wherever they can.

Technosport developed a film where technosport-wearing people enjoy the human nuances that are part of the game called Cricket. Be it the bounce of the ball or the grip of the bat, be it the initially reluctant wife surprising the husband by bowling him out, or the overconfident boss in the office getting hit by the ball, or the highly focussed teenagers playing Cricket with the world cup level intensity and sincerity. We used fast cuts, drama and humorous situations with a more enjoyable rendition of the intense music piece ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ to tell them to be active, to come out and play. ‘Is world cup ko har maidaan mein khelo’.

Puspen Maity CEO, Technosport It is very exciting to launch our first Brand Campaign during the ongoing Cricket World Cup in India and show our support for the Indian Team. Cricket in India is not just another sport. Cricket is emotion; Cricket is a way of life. The game itself was once the game of the “royals” & is now played by people from all aspects of life in India. It has become more Indian than any other Indian Sport. Similarly, at Technosport, we are bringing the technology & innovation in activewear, once considered super-premium or “royal”, to the masses at an affordable price point to enhance their day-to-day life and comfort. It’s that synergy that we wanted to bring out, and this film does exactly that.

Sunil Karthik – Head – Marketing, Technosport – In India, the World Cup is a kind of watershed moment. The ripple effect caused by an event of such magnitude is vast. The fact that this is happening in India this time after a gap of 12 years makes the entire celebration and the impact even larger. As a homegrown activewear brand building for all strata of society, we could not think of a better time to launch our first campaign. However, with our customers spread very wide in terms of demography, geography & psychography, we need to create something which would resonate with everyone. Another challenge was to ensure that we stood out from the clutter of ads in the market at this time. The idea behind the campaign was strong enough to overcome those challenges and carve out the required awareness for our brand and philosophy.

Sidhesh Pai, Co-Founder – Imlliadrakee – Pen & Production (creative studio), “As a nation, we love sport, but not all of us necessarily take part in it. Technosport, being an activewear brand, had to build an emotional connection with its consumers. And the connection is motivating people to go out and enjoy sports in whatever capacity they can.

Kapil Mishra, writer & director of the film, The film is about the nuances of Cricket that we all have enjoyed and keep enjoying. We are reminding them of the minor tiffs, the dead serious focus in casual street cricket, the eagerness to prove your skills in the office corridors, and the challenges given to each other. It is these nuances and the joys of Cricket that we must go out and enjoy. The World Cup fever is on, and Technosport’s message is simple: ‘Is World Cup ko har maidaan mein khelo.”

About Technosport:

Technosport is a brand that combines technology, fitness, and style to create activewear that is comfortable, breathable, and affordable. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality activewear that can help them achieve their fitness goals without breaking the bank. We employ advanced fabric technologies and design our clothing to be moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and breathable. Our clothes are perfect for workouts at the gym, running, cycling, or any other activity that requires comfort and freedom of movement. We are passionate about fitness and technology and strive to bring these two worlds together in our clothing.

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