Bangalore: Floryo, a made-to-order atta brand, is bringing back the freshness of milled atta to the kitchen, freeing homemakers from the clutches of instant, pre-packaged wheat products. Traditionally, across the globe—especially in India—people were used to freshly milled flour or chakki atta. But, somewhere along the way, Freshistaan’s (read India’s) identity was overshadowed by Western pre-packaged products’ influence, culminating in a lamentable loss of flavour and vibrancy.

The company depicts the epic showdown between Floryo Atta and pre-packaged excuses through engaging visuals and captivating storytelling. This metaphorical battle mirrors the struggle many of us face daily—the choice between health and convenience. Floryo’s victory signifies the triumph of making healthier choices, evoking the values enshrined in the Independence Day celebrations.

The tale that unfolds in this campaign revolves around the remarkable journey of liberation launched by the enigmatic Floryo to loosen the current big-brand stranglehold on freshness, quality and health. The narrative illustrates parallels between the historical struggles and the modern challenge of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with time constraints.

Enter Floryo, embodying the spirit of progress and respect for tradition! Floryo’s promise is simple yet profound—to restore Freshistaan’s health, taste and essence. As we commemorate India’s Independence Day this year, Floryo’s campaign revives the legacy of our freedom struggle and aligns it with today’s battle against compromises.

With a firm determination echoing the spirit of yesteryear’s freedom fighters, Floryo now takes on the tyrant—the gimmicky marketers’ pre-packaged atta. The widespread availability of such atta might have seemed a solution, but it compromised health and authenticity. However, alluring the spirit of modernization while bringing convenience, it took its toll in the form of disconnecting from the essence of fresh food.

Amid excuses, such as choosing pre-packaged atta for the unavailability of freshly milled wheat, Floryo emerges as a symbol of hope, carrying the Torch of Independence. Floryo’s campaign bridges the gap by offering freshly milled, high-quality atta delivered within 24 hours. Floryo understands NextGen’s requirements—the need to balance a fast-paced lifestyle with a commitment to health.


Floryo wants to take the journey back to authenticity, health and freedom. Together with the people, the brand wants to revive the spirit of Independence Day in a modern context, ensuring that Freshistaan remains vibrant, flavourful and liberated from excuses.

Join the Movement

This Independence Day, Floryo invites everyone to join them in rekindling Freshistaan’s essence. With Floryo, you are not only investing in healthier atta but also embracing a lifestyle where excuses are replaced with fresh choices. With Floryo, you can make Freshistaan fresh and free once again—a reminder of how everyone can reclaim their health, choices and taste.

‘Simplicity can create amazing changes’

‘In shaping the Floryo campaign, we discovered how simplicity can create amazing changes. Floryo links age-old wisdom with modern well-being. This campaign is more than just stories; it shows their dedication to a healthier, more real future.’

— Idrees, Founder & CEO, Changing Tree

‘Food’s true essence is in its freshness’

‘At Floryo, we champion the belief that food’s true essence is in its freshness after processing, ensuring peak taste and nutrition. Our customers have echoed this sentiment, asserting that freshness is the hallmark of quality. With the #FreeFRESHistan campaign set against the backdrop of India’s Independence Day, we aim to enlighten and encourage everyone to make the ‘right’ choices for themselves and their families, all the while presenting this vital message in a spirited and engaging manner.’

— Manohar Kumar, Founder & CEO, Floryo

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