Pune: PoddL, a cloud-based freelance business management startup, has launched a unique platform for freelancers and remote workers in India to find work globally and get paid seamlessly.

PoddL is a mobile-first chat-based platform with built-in tools for finding work across the globe, communicating, and handling workflows and a simpler, faster, and affordable way to accept international payments.

 “At PoddL, we are using technology to address a major pain point in the freelance economy. Freelancers and clients alike are forced to juggle between communications and project management apps to work effectively in remote setups. The problem is compounded if freelancers are working with clients outside India, where figuring out the best & affordable mode of getting paid causes a lot of friction. We’ve designed & built PoddL in a way that empowers both freelancers and clients alike,” said Kushal Prakash, founder and CEO.

More than 75% of businesses worldwide have embraced the freelance workforce, creating a global demand for talent. Freelancers in India have lapped up this opportunity and turned the country into one of the fastest-growing hubs for freelancers. However, the current digital infrastructure does not make it easy for freelancers to thrive with global clients & marketplaces.

One of the key features of the PoddL platform is that it facilitates global payments effortlessly. With a dedicated USD Collections account, freelancers can accept payments from US-based clients. It’s easier for the clients, too, as they can utilise their local payment rails, such as ACH and FedWire. Globally, PoddL offers secure and affordable card payment options from within the comfort of the chat interface. The platform supports over 135+ currencies. Soon, Collection accounts will be available in other currencies like EUR and GBP.

“We aim to onboard around 100,000 global companies and businesses to hire directly from the PoddL platform. With PoddL, whether you are working with a freelancer or working with a remote team in India and managing payroll, the interface works alike – simpler, faster, affordable & delightful,” Prakash added.

India’s freelance economy is growing at a CAGR of 29%, making it one of the fastest-growing workforce segments in the country. The platform provides respite from app-hopping, payment headaches, and hefty fees. PoddL can be accessed through both iOS and Android, as well as via a web app.

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