Gurugram: PickMyWork, a gig platform that assists digital businesses in acquiring end users (individual users and merchants), has announced an extraordinary surge in the earnings of its gig workers in the festive season of 2023. Comparing data from 2022 to 2023 reveals an astounding 48% increase in the overall income of PickMyWork’s dedicated gig workforce. Additionally, the platform has witnessed an impressive 160% surge in the number of partners enjoying higher monthly earnings.

In parallel, PickMyWork takes immense pride in its dedication to empowering female partners. PickMyWork is showcasing a remarkable 105% growth in the number of active female partners on their platform in just one year.

Mr. Vidyarthi Baddireddy of PickMyWork expressed his enthusiasm about the platform’s success, stating, “At PickMyWork, we are thrilled to see our gig workers’ earnings grow significantly during this festive season. We’re not just celebrating numbers; we’re celebrating the stories, dreams, and ambitions of every gig worker who is part of the PickMyWork family. As we commemorate this remarkable feat, we remain committed to creating more opportunities, fostering financial empowerment, and spreading joy to our gig workers and partners. The future holds even greater prosperity for all.”

Founded in 2019, PickMyWork operates on a Pay-per-task model with an exceptionally low Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). It was born out of the founder’s vision to empower the Indian youth to complete sales gigs for internet companies, offering the promise of 3X earnings per hour compared to traditional delivery gigs. The platform sources, trains, and manages agents who act as intermediaries between the company’s internet products and potential customers. By listing their products on the PickMyWork mobile app, companies tap into a network of motivated gig workers who actively promote and sell their offerings. Following the successful sale, the agent’s wallet is credited accordingly.

As more festivals approach the end of 2023, PickMyWork remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering gig workers, boosting their earnings, and fostering a thriving gig economy in India. The PickMyWork team eagerly anticipates even greater success and prosperity for the partners in the years ahead.

About PickMyWork:

Gurugram, Haryana-based PickMyWork is a gig platform that helps digital companies acquire end customers, including shops, for their products through a Pay-per-task model at a very low CAC. With Indian youth primed to complete delivery gigs for Food Delivery / Hyperlocal apps like Swiggy, Zomato, and Big Basket and earn commissions, the founders created PickMyWork. On this pay-per-sale gig platform, sales gigs could be completed for internet companies with the promise of 3X earnings/hour of effort compared to delivery gigs.

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