New Delhi: PedalStart, a leading startup founder community and accelerator, has announced the launch of the second edition of its flagship outcome-driven, community-based cohort for early-stage startups, ‘Zero-to-One 2.0’. Building further upon the resounding success of PedalStart’s inaugural Zero-to-One cohort, Zero-to-One 2.0 promises to be an even more transformative experience for early-stage entrepreneurs who are attempting to turn their innovative ideas into thriving businesses. Through this cohort, PedalStart shall be investing a cumulative amount of INR 5 Crore into the cohort startups. Additionally, credits worth INR 2.2 Crore will be provided to the cohort startups, among various other lucrative opportunities and resources to grow and become successful. 

Zero-to-One 2.0 is a one-of-a-kind startup acceleration program; with an outcome-driven model at its core, the program has been designed to provide entrepreneurs with all the tools, mentorship, skills, capital, networking, and resources necessary to take their start-ups from inception to growth. With a focus on fostering innovation and sustainable business practices, Zero-to-One 2.0 is set to empower the next generation of visionary entrepreneurs to make a meaningful impact and build their legacies. Startup founders who have already passed the ideation stage and are all set to complete their POC or MVP are expected to benefit the most from this program.

Expressing their excitement on the launch of the Zero-to-One 2.0 cohort, Manas Pal and Aditya Darolia, co-founders, PedalStart said­­, “We at PedalStart are thrilled to be launching the Zero-to-One 2.0 cohort and believe that it will aid today’s budding entrepreneurs achieve their goals and make their mark in the business world. While the phenomenal success of the first cohort exceeded our expectations, our team has put in significant efforts to refine and enhance the program based on the feedback and learnings from the first edition. We are now all pumped up to witness and nurture the growth potential of the start-ups that will be emerging from our second cohort”.

Notably, the first Zero-to-One cohort, which was launched last year, has already created many entrepreneurial wins. Out of the batch of 50 startups from this first cohort, three startups have, to date, got funding, and the rest are being accelerated. The Zero-to-One startups that have received funding are Newtral.i0 (a climate-tech startup), Rupid (a fintech startup), and Betterspace (a health-tech startup).

Speaking about the experience of the program, Avi Chudasama, Co-Founder and CEO of (a funded startup of Zero-to-One’s first cohort), said, “Being a part of Pedalstart’s Zero-to-One cohort was a precious experience. We joined the cohort at the initial stage of our entrepreneurial journey, and the cohort provided us with much-needed guidance and support. During this cohort, we scaled from early-stage MVP to fruitfully launching the business and acquiring our initial customers. The mentors, Pedalstart team and fellow entrepreneurs’ community, played a huge role in shaping up our business. Also, the cohort helped us raise our external investment and provided guidance on all aspects of our fundraising journey”.

Zero-to-One 2.0 stands out as an exceptional acceleration + community program, wherein 80 startups from across various industries would be selected to take advantage of a curated range of experiences, offerings, and rewards. Some of the key benefits that are up for grabs for the cohort startups include:

Intensive Learning: Throughout this 12-week accelerator program, the participating startup founders get a chance to learn from successful mentors, including founders and domain experts, and build important skills hands-on by attending the virtual discussions and solving ‘real-life’ startup problems.

Financial Support: The cohort startups will have opportunities to cumulatively raise up to INR 5 Cr investment earmarked for them by PedalStart. Additionally, the best-performing startup (who leads the Leaderboard at the end of the Cohort) shall be rewarded with an INR 1 lakh equity-free cash grant.

Significant Credits: All the cohort startups will get credits valued at INR 2.2 Cr credits AWS, Canva, and Notion, among others. By applying these credits, the startups will get access to some of these tools’ features either free of cost or at a price lower than the market. Additionally, the five best-performing start-ups of the cohort gain access to credits worth INR 1 lakh specifically for technology and marketing enhancement.

Core team hiring support: Assistance will be provided in recruiting early team members for start-ups that are deemed investable.

Free coworking access: Up to 25 cohort start-ups will be allotted a coworking workspace.

Bolstering connections: Participants have the opportunity to establish meaningful business connections, potentially boosting sales and collaborations.

Access to the Community: A three-month-long access to the PedalStart community for the cohort startups, thereby granting them a dynamic community of entrepreneurs and innovators for networking and knowledge sharing.

Applications for Zero-to-One 2.0 are now open, and aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply to be a part of this transformative program. The deadline for applications is October 19 2023, and the program will commence on November 1, 2023.

Notably, the selection process for Zero-to-One 2.0 Cohort consists of a meticulous three-stage procedure, commencing with a simple expression of interest by joining the wishlist by applying for the program.

About PedalStart:

PedalStart is a platform that solves a single major problem statement of the ecosystem: building startup founders. The platform helps build founders through their startup ideas with the help of ex-entrepreneurs, successful startup founders, domain experts, and angel investors. The team at PedalStart uses real-life experiences over traditional theoretical knowledge to build startup founders. With more than 10,000+ startups, 300+ mentors, 800+ founders building ideas, and 1200+ house discussions, PedalStart has been transforming big ideas into high-potential businesses since 2021.

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