Gurgaon: LISSUN, one of India’s largest mental health platforms, has raised $1.3M in a seed round led by Inflection Point Ventures (IPV) &

Rainmatter Capital (Zerodha Group). The round also saw participation from Existing investors Ivy Cap ventures, WFC, Growx ventures and other marquee angel investors. LISSUN has raised over $2.3 million to date in funding.

The funds will be strategically allocated to enhance their technology and product offerings further, expand their services, and cultivate meaningful partnerships with healthcare institutions and other organizations.

  •      LISSUN is a mental health tech platform providing full-stack emotional and mental health solutions and solving them at scale by its unique positioning of integrating mental health into mainstream healthcare
  •      The funds raised will be utilized in tech development and Expansion of Child Development Centers
  •      LISSUN is present in over 40 cities and has more than 150 partnerships in the healthcare & education ecosystem to offer its products and services

LISSUN stands at the forefront of revolutionizing mental healthcare through a holistic approach encompassing Awareness, Acceptance, Anonymity, Access, Affordability, and Assurance. Employing an innovative B2H2C (Business to Healthcare to Consumer) strategy, LISSUN collaborates with healthcare institutions to effectively address high-stress use cases across domains such as infertility, rehabilitation, nephrology, oncology, and more. This unique approach extends to the education sector, aligning with LISSUN’s mission to make mental health solutions accessible and affordable to a broader demographic. The platform’s impressive outreach is further demonstrated by its 150+ partnerships with leading industry players in healthcare and education.

Dr. Krishna Veer Singh, Director and co-founder of LISSUN, says, “This investment signifies the validity of LISSUN’s innovative approach in delivering scalable solutions within the mental health landscape. In a very short period of time, LISSUN has become one of the largest in the field and is breaking the syndrome of 6As of Mental Health. We extend sincere gratitude to our investors for placing their trust in LISSUN. Their expertise and backing will empower us to enrich our offerings and extend our reach. With this injection of capital, we take a significant step forward in realizing our vision of solving mental health at scale, and everyone can access the care and support they rightfully deserve.

Vinay Bansal, Founder of Inflection Point Ventures, says, “In today’s day and age, everyone has a high-stress life with multiple responsibilities. In our society, physical problems are attended to actively, and mental health is more often neglected and kept on the back burner. We are still unaware of how to deal with mental issues as a stigma is attached to it. LISSUN’s remarkable prowess and strategic acumen in creating scalable mental and emotional healthcare solutions are commendable. Their pioneering B2H2C model and unwavering dedication to reinventing conventional solutions underscore their profound understanding of the opportunities and challenges within this sphere. We are confident that their groundbreaking work will have a lasting impact, reshaping the approach to mental health.”

Rainmatter Health, backed by Zerodha founder Nithin Kamath, made its inaugural investment in the Mental Health industry with LISSUN.  Dilip Kumar, who heads Rainmatter Health, states, “Mental health issues in India are often neglected and stigmatized. There is a growing need to build awareness to address the societal barriers and misconceptions surrounding it. At Rainmatter Health, we are glad to join Lissun in their journey as they try to tackle these issues.”

Tarun Gupta, Director and co-founder of LISSUN, also added his perspective, saying, “Our journey with LISSUN has been driven by a shared commitment to redefining mental healthcare. We are a product-first company and build our products to deliver mental health effectively, seamlessly, and affordably. This investment will further our product & technology and extend our outreach, making quality & affordable mental health solutions accessible to a broader audience.”

LISSUN’s unwavering commitment to reshaping mental healthcare has driven its rapid expansion, now spanning 40+ cities across India. To further bolster their offering portfolio, LISSUN recently introduced a comprehensive Children’s Mental and Behavioral Health initiative, branded ‘Sunshine by LISSUN,’ a network of full-stack centres dedicated to assisting children facing developmental or behavioural challenges.

Existing investor Tej Kapoor, Managing Partner, IvyCap Ventures, adds, “The remarkable growth journey undertaken by the LISSUN team since our initial partnership last year brings us immense joy. Their unique vision and unwavering commitment to excellence position them as trailblazers in this industry. We take pride in being part of their journey.”

About LISSUNFounded in 2021 and headquartered in Gurugram, LISSUN is a pioneering platform that aims to address the rising challenge of mental illness in society by providing individuals with the proper guidance, therapies, and solutions for their emotional and mental well-being. Founded by two industry veterans, Dr. Krishna Veer Singh and Tarun Gupta, LISSUN is on a mission to solve mental health issues at scale, reaching out to the unaware population and focusing on the physical health issues affecting their mental well-being. The platform offers end-to-end care for mental health, leveraging tech tools for self-diagnosis and delivering holistic treatments to patients. With its unique phygital approach, LISSUN caters to specific needs in Psychiatry, Rehabilitation, Infertility/Maternity, Child, and Education. To know more, visit:

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