New Delhi: With the aim to lead the way in evidence-based Ayurveda, Kapiva, a leading holistic wellness brand, announced the appointment of Dr R Govindarajan as its Chief Innovation Officer (CIO). He is a distinguished figure in research and development, with an impressive portfolio of 10 patents and 75 research papers published in many esteemed peer-reviewed journals. He has also played pivotal roles at prestigious government research institutions like CSIR and has held leadership positions in the R&D departments of prominent organizations.

 With over 23 years of experience in research and development, Dr. Govind’s appointment marks a significant milestone for Kapiva. His extensive expertise and leadership will empower the brand to improve health outcomes with enhanced product quality and expand its range of Ayurvedic offerings.

Ameve Sharma, Co-Founder of Kapiva, expressed his enthusiasm about Dr. Govind’s appointment, saying, “We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Govind to the Kapiva family. His extensive experience and profound knowledge of natural products and research and development are perfectly aligned with our commitment to offering authentic, science-backed Ayurvedic products to our consumers. Under Dr. Govind’s leadership, we foresee taking significant strides in crafting products that are highly efficacious and will enable us to compete alongside conventional medical practices. Every step we take in our R&D initiatives brings us closer to reshaping the healthcare standards.”

Dr. R Govindarajan, the incoming Chief Innovation Officer, also shared his thoughts, stating, “I am excited to join Kapiva, a brand that is at the forefront of making Ayurveda accessible and modern. Kapiva’s mission resonates with my own passion for research and innovation in the healthcare sector. I am eager to contribute to the brand’s growth and help further establish Kapiva as a leader in holistic healthcare, enriching lives around the world.”

Holding a Ph.D. in natural products, Dr. Govind has experience in both basic research at CSIR (Government of India) and applied research in corporate R&D through his various leadership roles at esteemed organizations such as Zydus Wellness R&D, Himalaya Global Research Centre in Dubai, and Dabur International R&D in Dubai. His work encompasses product development, analytical processes, and preclinical and clinical trials, primarily in natural products. Throughout his career journey, Dr. Govind has played a significant role in establishing R&D facilities globally and consulting for prominent pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

 Beyond his corporate achievements, he has made notable contributions to academia, serving as an Associate Professor at RAK University of Health Sciences and a visiting professor at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) in Ahmedabad.

Kapiva remains committed to simplifying, modernizing, and making Ayurveda accessible to everyone. Dr. Govindarajan’s presence will reinforce the brand’s position as a pioneer in the field of holistic healthcare.

About Kapiva:

Kapiva is a modern Ayurvedic homegrown D2C brand, making Ayurveda simple, modern, and accessible for everyone and enabling everyday wellness. It is on a mission to make Ayurveda a part of people’s daily life. It offers authentic products using research, science-backed Ayurveda, and the finest ingredients. Kapiva has been a disruptor in the Ayurvedic industry by introducing innovation in product formats that can be easily integrated into people’s daily routines.

The startup also announced a wholly-owned subsidiary in the US- Kapiva Inc. in June 2023. It offers an innovative range of products that is popular across E-Commerce platforms and is also present on-ground in 10,500+ stores across the country.


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