New Delhi: Hashtag Orange, a prominent digital marketing solutions provider in India, has partnered with LPU Online, one of the leading private universities in India that offers online degree programmes, to launch a campaign aimed at transforming careers. Titled ‘Career Ka Turning Point,’ this initiative is designed to help individuals realize their professional aspirations with the help of contemporary upskilling techniques backed by technologically enabled study options.

The “Career ka Turning Point” campaign has kicked off videos that highlight the essence of today’s competitive world. Individuals often wait for that elusive big break or a stroke of luck to elevate their careers. Ambitious individuals aspire for higher salaries, superior job designations, a great work environment, and recognition. However, challenges such as inadequate skills, low confidence, and limited opportunities often stand in their way.

LPU Online empowers professionals and students with UGC Entitled programs that offer a contemporary curriculum delivered via LIVE lectures on weekends, Masterclasses by industry and academic experts, a vast lecture library, and an industry-oriented approach. With top-tier faculty, a Professional Enhancement Programme, placement support, flexible online exams, and a diverse selection of programs like Online MBA, MCA, MSc Mathematics, MCom and MA at the Masters level and BCA, BA, and BCom at the Bachelors level; LPU Online offers a holistic educational experience. Alka Vij, Director of Hashtag Orange, commented on the campaign, saying, “We are excited to partner with LPU Online in launching the ‘Career Ka Turning Point’ campaign. In today’s dynamic job market, individuals need every advantage to succeed, and LPU Online is providing them with the tools and knowledge they require to excel. Through this, we aim to reach aspiring professionals and empower them to take the next big step in their careers.”

Amit Shankar, CCO of Hashtag Orange, expressed, “At Hashtag Orange, we’re dedicated to leveraging the power of digital marketing to create meaningful impact. Partnering with LPU Online for the ‘Career Ka Turning Point’ campaign is a testament to our mission of facilitating positive change through innovative solutions. We look forward to inspiring and supporting individuals on their journey towards achieving career goals.”

Ginni Nijhawan, Senior Director of LPU online, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Hashtag Orange for the’ Career Ka Turning Point’ campaign. At LPU Online, we believe in providing accessible and quality education to individuals, and this campaign aligns perfectly with our mission.

Together with Hashtag Orange, we aim to inspire and empower countless individuals to achieve their career aspirations.”

Hashtag Orange has previously collaborated with LPU on innovative campaigns, including the launch of an ingenious AI product, “LPU Meet JPT,” through a spoof campaign. This campaign, aptly titled #MeetSeJeet, aimed to liberate employees and consumers from the obligations of attending meetings. Hashtag Orange also created a compelling short film, #ToughTeachers, for Lovely Professional University Online (LPU), known for its online degree courses. This short film paid tribute to the teachers who played pivotal roles in shaping students’ lives and contributing to their personal growth.

About LPU Online:

LPU Online is a leading online education provider in India, offering a diverse range of UGC Entitled programs by India’s top-ranked University, LPU, which has the highest NAAC A++ grade with a score of 3.64 on a scale of 4, along with the 38th NIRF ranking and prominent global rankings. With a commitment to providing quality education and career-enhancing opportunities, LPU Online empowers individuals to achieve their professional dreams.

About Hashtag Orange:

Hashtag Orange is a renowned digital marketing solutions provider in India, offering a wide range of services to help businesses and organizations reach their target audiences effectively. With a focus on innovation and creativity, Hashtag Orange delivers exceptional results in the digital marketing landscape.

Rahul Mehra

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