New Delhi: Fitspire, India’s leading vegan wellness startup, has roped in international pop star and Prince of Bhangra Sukhbir Singh for a three-month-long awareness campaign around the growing plant-based protein diet or vegan lifestyle.

Sukhbir is also an investor in Fitspire, which counts Ivor Braganza from Next5 Ventures, Anuraag-Ruchirans from the Jaipuria family office,  and Amit Singhal -Fluid Ventures as its early backers.

The campaign, starting in November, will witness various activities, posters, banners, announcements, and video commercials on everyday public transport systems, including autorickshaws, buses, and metro trains, highlighting the need for and importance of a vegan lifestyle. Besides, it will also promote Fitspire products.

Founded by IIM Lucknow alumni Vipen Jain in 2020, Fitspire is an FMCG startup selling 80+ vegan products and combos for a healthy and fit lifestyle. The startup is also helmed by two prolific women co-founders, Nidhi Jain and Hinah Sawhney.  Fitspire boasts of a solid customer base of 1 million. Currently, Fitspire caters to more than 15,000 pin codes nationwide, providing vegan wellness and fitness products.

Talking about this unique campaign that will have a picture of Sukhbir Singh, a fitness freak and endorser of veganism, Fitspire’s Founder and CEO said, “The campaign is to include individuals who may not be actively seeking health and wellness products and are so busy in the daily humdrum that they are not aware of the existence of vegan wellness products. And hence, we have chosen to leverage the popularity and visibility of everyday transport.”

The banners and posters will share information, trivia, and tips on nurturing one’s body with Fitspire’s nutritious range of vegan products.

Citing a report by Coherent Market Insights, Vipen Jain said that the Indian vegan food market was valued at US$ 16.5 billion in 2021and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.1% till 2030 as consumers recognize the environmental and health impact of consumption of plant-based products.

Jain added that India has a significant 30% vegetarian population. Still, there is a rising trend among meat eaters shunning non-vegetarian food to adopt veganism due to health reasons, and the campaign is to target that audience with Fitspire’s products, ranging from plant-based protein powders to chocolates to peanut butter.

Riding on the burgeoning demand for vegan products, Fitspire has also grown 10x in sales every year since its inception in the 2020 pandemic year.  The company has set a revenue target of Rs300 crore within the next three years.

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