New Delhi: EvolveX, an early-stage program founded by We Founder Circle, has announced its most recent investment into MyEra, a tech-based platform to revolutionize the. This funding round represents a significant milestone in MyEra’s journey and reinforces EvolveX’s commitment to supporting promising startups.

MyEra, a standout participant in EvolveX’s Cohort 3, launched in April 2023, has captured the attention of investors with its innovative suite of intelligent apps. MyEra is on a mission to simplify marketing and sales processes, and its groundbreaking MyEra API, also known as the MyEra Button, empowers online shoppers to personalize products and virtually try them before making a purchase. This technology enhances the shopping experience, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing returns for online retailers.

The pre-seed funding round was led by EvolveX, with notable contributions from We Founder Circle and Vikas Aggarwal. Before this, MyEra had secured funds from AIC-BIMTECH – SISFS and iStart – DoIT&C. MyEra plans to utilize the recently raised capital to expand its technical team, build robust technology infrastructure, conduct public outreach, develop and maintain its platform, and enhance technical competence.

Commenting on the innovative potential of MyEra, Bhawna Bhatnagar, Co-Founder of EvolveX, stated, “In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, one of the persistent challenges has been the lack of engaging product customization and visualization technology. Shoppers often struggle to envision their desired products before purchasing, leading to higher return rates and dissatisfaction. MyEra’s intelligent solutions address this issue head-on, empowering online shoppers to personalize and virtually experience products, thereby enhancing the entire shopping journey. With our expertise and guidance, we are committed to helping MyEra become the go-to platform for e-commerce innovation.”

Anirudh Sharma, Co-founder and CEO of MyEra, expressed his enthusiasm about the investment, stating, “This fundraising comes at a very crucial stage in both our professional and personal lives. With this infusion of capital, as well as the mentorship of EvolveX, MyEra is poised to accelerate its development and revolutionize the e-commerce landscape, delivering unparalleled value to both shoppers and retailers alike. The dedication and ingenuity of our team, coupled with this strategic backing, herald a promising future for MyEra and the transformative potential of our technology.”

MyEra aims to address significant challenges in the e-commerce industry, including the inability to visualize product customization before placing an order and visualization technology. Additionally, there are limited capabilities and resources to build and maintain customization and visualization technology and a scarcity of virtual try-on technology in e-commerce.

Anirudh Sharma, the driving force behind MyEra, is a visionary entrepreneur with an insatiable curiosity for technology. Anirudh built and scaled QuarkMe with Yug Dave and Shantanu Sriraj, who are now his co-founders, COO & CPO, respectively. My Era’s CTO Abhinandan Agrawaland AnirudhSharmad did high school together. [AS2] Anirudh’s diverse professional background encompasses roles such as CEO and Co-founder of QuarkMe, a graduate engineer trainee at EICHER Tractors (TAFE), and head of engine and transmission at Team Genesis (Shiv Nadar University). In addition to these roles, Anirudh currently serves as an advisor [AS3] at AUS Innovations, where his expertise and innovation continue to make a substantial impact on the tech industry.

About EvolveX:

EvolveX is an early-stage program founded by We Founder Circle that has been providing high-impact acceleration to early-revenue startups from various sectors since its inception in 2021. With a mission to take startups to the next level, EvolveX offers its extensive network of seasoned mentors and successful entrepreneurs to guide startups on their journey to success. The program offers a range of benefits, including one-on-one mentorship sessions with handpicked angel investors and industry experts, upfront funding of $30K, and $200K worth of credits. EvolveX is committed to providing a continuous opportunity for startups, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

MyEra is an innovative technology company dedicated to redefining the future of e-commerce. With a focus on enhancing the online shopping experience, MyEra offers a suite of intelligent apps and innovative solutions that empower shoppers and retailers. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Anirudh Sharma, MyEra’s mission is to address critical challenges in the e-commerce industry, including the absence of product customization and visualization technology. Above all, MyEra is committed to building a robust, scalable, and secure technology infrastructure while continually developing its technical competence to stay at the forefront of innovation.

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