NOIDA: CYK Hospitalities, a leading end-to-end F&B consultancy, has revamped and relaunched Urban Deck, a renowned name in Agra’s culinary world. The F&B consultant has helped a decade-old Urban Deck in menu engineering, where the company has innovatively integrated European and Indian culinary traditions to create a unique dining experience.

The revamped menu crafted by CYK Hospitalities is a blend of two popular food cultures of, European and Indian Cuisine, with a touch of modernity. This menu offers more unique and flavourful options than the previous one, including Crostini di Formaggio, Chettinad Kathal Malabari Taco, Luxe Truffle Tomino, Fennel and White Chocolate Mousse with Citrus Sorbet and Ginger Crumb Spring harvest skillet gnocchi.

CYK Hospitalities has redefined the overall experience of the restaurant through optimized offerings. It organized food walks for culinary enthusiasts and reinvented the restaurant’s general concept. These initiatives were undertaken to ensure that the customers receive a holistic and memorable dining journey.

Pulkit Arora, Director, CYK Hospitalities, “Urban Deck is a decade-old name in the city and has been famous for its menu and taste. We wanted to bring a newness to the old menu, and we seamlessly integrated European and Indian culinary traditions to create a unique dining experience. We have experimented with traditional dishes, adding a contemporary twist catering to the diverse audience.”

Simranjeet Singh, Director, CYK Hospitalities, “Our vision for the future is expansive and forward-looking. Continually introducing new ideas to the industry, we aim to be at the forefront of culinary innovation. The scope of our commitment extends from the creation of exceptional food experiences to the assistance we provide restaurateurs in identifying the right concepts, ideal locations, and best practices. We place a high priority on setting industry benchmarks and continuously improving.”

About CYK Hospitalities:

CYK Hospitalities, founded by experts in the F&B segment, is an F&B consulting firm providing various services in the ‘brand building’ field, specializing in food and beverage and hospitality. The company helps its clients gain recognition for their outlets and restaurants through consultation and consistent support. The company provides on-time services to support its clients in leasing, location mapping & expansion, exposure & networking, hiring & training, competitor analysis, menu engineering, chef hiring, SOP formation, recipes, and food pricing, to name a few.

The company, to date, has partnered with prominent space providers like Phoenix Mall, Pacific Mall, DLF, Vegas Mall, Lulu Group, Lakeshore, Lovely Professional University, etc.

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