Bangalore: Blubirch, a trailblazer in the automation and monetization of returns management, illuminated the path by unlocking the mechanics of transforming the reverse supply chain into a growth catalyst. Their game-changing impact was felt at the prestigious Retail Technology Conclave 2023 (ReTechCon 2023) held at JW Marriott, Mumbai Sahar, on 26–27 September 2023. This gathering of CEOs, CTOs, tech service providers, and retail technology mavens provided the perfect stage for Blubirch to unveil its innovative solutions, elevating revenue, profit margins, and customer experience for retailers and resellers, among other stakeholders.

Blubirch’s CEO, Sapan Kumar Jain, delivered an enlightening address at the two-day Retail Technology Conclave (ReTechCon) 2023. Hosted by the Retailers Association of India (RAI), this conclave aimed to delve deeply into various dimensions of technology trends within the retail sector. The event attracted over 200 delegates, representing prominent companies such as Samsung, Advantech Raiser India Pvt. Ltd, TechnoWizardsPvt. Ltd, GeoIQ, TCI Supply Chain Solutions, Animeta, Samsonite, VIP Industries, Burger King India Pvt. Ltd, Metro Brands Limited, Starbucks, and others. ReTechCon served as an invaluable knowledge platform, empowering startups to craft innovative business strategies and broaden their perspectives on technology’s evolving role in the retail landscape.

Blubirch made a resounding impact at ReTechCon 2023 with their dedicated booth, where they engaged in insightful conversations with industry professionals and retailers, unveiling the potential of their transformative digital platform. Recognizing the growing importance of optimizing the returns process in today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, RA–PaaS offers a comprehensive technology platform that addresses every facet of the return journey. Sapan Jain, CEO of Blubirch, emphasized, “RA–PaaS is more than a solution; it’s a pivotal engine for transforming the entire reverse supply chain, agnostic of industry category. Optimizing the returns process is paramount in today’s fiercely competitive business landscape. RA–PaaS offers a comprehensive technology platform that revolutionizes the entire returns journey, from customer initiation to warehouse handling, automated testing and grading, and intelligent disposition solutions. This holistic approach not only enhances revenue and profit margins but also elevates the overall customer experience, benefiting retailers, OEMs, and resellers alike.”

About Blubirch:

A pioneer in the Returns Automation Platform as a Service (RA–PaaS) as a distinct market category, Blubirch was established in 2014, focused on returns management and advancing the circular economy. The company works to minimize product returns, eliminate waste, and increase product lifespan by utilizing advanced technologies. They offer a complete reverse supply chain management solution with their AI and ML-powered RA-PaaS platform, enabling real-time tracking. Blubirch gives companies a comprehensive supply chain picture and shares insightful data among multiple stakeholders.

With increasing returns eroding retailer margins, retailers and OEMs are engaging with Blubirch to optimize their returns process from customer initiation of returns, inwarding into the warehouse, automated testing and grading, and intelligent disposition decisions. Leading retailers and OEMs rely on Blubirch’s platform to maximize revenue, profitability, compliance and customer satisfaction while fulfilling environmental and social objectives. Blubirch is honoured to serve some of the world’s largest retailers with what has been recognized as a best-in-class solution by industry analysts.

With over a decade of returns management experience, Blubirch strongly emphasizes research and development to drive innovation in its products and platforms. The company processes 20M+ units of reverse inventory every year and serves over 8,000 B2B buyers in India. Their contributions to the RA-PaaS industry have received recognition and awards as they continue to bring positive transformation to the sector.

About ReTechCon 2023:

Retail Technology Conclave (ReTechCon) offers a deep exploration of multiple facets of the technology trends in retail. This knowledge fair provides the depth of a masterclass and the breadth of a conference, helping you develop new strategies for your business and expand your perspective on technology and its changing role in retail. Get detailed insights and takeaways to help you improve in your role, as well as the big-picture vision you’ll need to advance your retail function/business. Join experts, thinkers, disruptors and other stakeholders across the retail technology ecosystem for an unparalleled opportunity to learn, network and grow.

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