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Year-Ender Quotes By Startups

SaaS-Based Startup- SupplyNote

As the market is recovering from the pandemic, 2022 has been all about clarity for us. We have witnessed 300 per cent year-on-year growth in revenue; however, the primary focus has been refining our offerings to empower the F&B Industry further. This year we acquired a point-of-sale product to reinforce our SaaS offerings and pivoted our service vertical, making it more pocket-flexible and solving broader problems for our clients. We also commence a new business vertical to facilitate small to medium F&B enterprises’ procurements.

As we stand today, we provide a complete stack of software and amenities for F&B Businesses that permit them to completely outsource their supply chain without compromising on quality with a more efficient cost model. With this vision, 2023 will be a year where we can expect substantial growth and transformation within the industry.– said Co-founder and CEO of SupplyNote Mr Kushang. 

For the last decade, the Food Industry has been growing consistently, despite the later part of the decade being the pandemic. In 2022, we have witnessed the industry returning and becoming more vital than ever. The technology adoption within the industry is also increasing phenomenally. Every year there are hundreds of startups started dedicated to food tech, and the market is still vastly untouched. But that is all about to change. 

With young entrepreneurs being the face of innovation within the F&B businesses, tech adoption has been higher than ever. We’ve acquired many data-driven clients this year, leveraging the power of technology to optimize their operations and switch to an effortless, data-led supply chain. 

With the awareness increasing within the industry, SupplyNote won’t be left behind but will be at the centre of this transformation. Supply Note plans to launch multiple initiatives to raise awareness within the industry of technologies that can make life easier for everyone.– said Mr Harshit Mittal, CTO and Co-founder of SupplyNote.

AI Startup- SuperBot

This year was more of a learning year for us. This is because any technology, when launched in the market, takes some time to get its fair share of market acceptance. The same was the case with SuperBot. A technology built with the vision of Disrupting Calling needed a lot of education to make businesses understand what it does, how it does and what benefit it brings them. At first, we were trying to make everyone understand the technology, but later we realized that the businesses’ challenges and pain points required to be first pointed out and then addressed. That’s when we changed our approach, and rather than educating people about technology, we started discussing how SuperBot can assist all communication-related challenges. Guess what? It worked for us!

And as stated by Bob Dole, “The best way to cope with change is to help create it” the time has come when we are getting our share of market acceptance. The name of the SuperBot has spread, and the technology is now known to enterprises. Following this, we are all set to enter 2023, to expand SuperBot in an entirely developed manner. The expansion includes everything from technological upgrades to developing more industry-specific use cases, supporting more languages, and offering it in international demography. We are looking forward to the new year and achieving the scalability we have planned and projected.– said Mr. Sarvagya Mishra, Co-founder and Director of SuperBot (PinnacleWorks). 

AI Startup- StaqU

In the years preceding and following the COVID-19 pandemic, investments in artificial intelligence (AI) start-ups grew steadily as this ground-breaking technology displayed its potential to promote people’s lives. In 2022, venture capitalists partnered with promising early-stage start-ups in disciplines where artificial intelligence can have a significant impact, such as health care, climate science, retail, security, and education, and AI tools can empower people by enabling them to be more productive and meaningful.

The funding winter, which picked up momentum in the fourth quarter of 2021, will still be present in 2023, but start-ups will put more of emphasize on overcoming the slowdown by managing investments appropriately, streamlining operations and cost structures, and implementing aggressive monetization strategies. To make this happen, Start-ups from all industry verticals will use AI, ML, big data, and data analytics to improve services and provide their client practices a dynamic outlook to achieve this. For more significant latency and predictability and minimizing decision risk across industries, existing AI models will also be fine-tuned to serve specific purposes supported by stakeholders’ fresh infusion of capital– said Mr. Atul Rai, CEO and CEO Co-founder of Staqu.

Data Analytics- SG Analytics

One of the most significant shifts I have witnessed across industries – be it financial services, automotive, media or technology, is that business leaders are harnessing data with purpose more than ever in the past. An integrated approach towards harnessing the power of data with purpose along the entire data value chain was witnessed by us across all our engagements. From origination, aggregation, management, modernization, and analytics to insights generation, the business leaders were harnessing data carefully. They mapped it to specific business goals or solved business problems to drive maximum value for their stakeholders.

As we move into 2023, we saw a couple more trends in 2022 while solving business problems for our global clients. First, we saw more businesses harnessing the power of data to drive decision-making. This data-driven approach was driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that helped to identify patterns and insights in data sets.

Secondly, we saw more businesses migrate to the cloud to take advantage of its scalability and flexibility. As data volumes grow exponentially, cloud-based services become increasingly essential for businesses that want to store and analyze large data sets. 

Thirdly, security continued to be a top concern for businesses regarding data analytics. As more sensitive data is collected and stored, there will be a greater need for secure storage solutions and robust security protocols.– said Mr Sid Banerjee, CEO of SG Analytics-Global Insights and Analytics Company.

IT Industry- Infovision

“Post-pandemic, enterprises focus on accelerating digital transformation as a key priority. And to achieve this goal, they have been using edge technologies, including blockchain, AI/ML, AR/VR and Digital Twin. Through innovation, improved efficiency and customer experience, businesses are experiencing the outcomes of adopting new technologies. Smarter investments by tapping into the potential of these growing technologies will create new opportunities for companies to grow and thrive in 2023.” said InfoVision’s Co-Founder, Mr Raman Kovelamudi.