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Thirsty Crow bringing revolution to food and beverage industry

By providing convenient delivery services

New Delhi: During the pandemic, gathering with friends and family has become increasingly popular. An essential challenge has been finding reliable food joints or beverage stores that deliver right to your doorstep. 

Thirsty Crow is revolutionizing the food and beverage delivery industry by providing a convenient application that connects users to local restaurants. They are making meals a breeze with multiple cuisines available and lightning-fast deliveries.

Mumbai based Thirsty Crow was launched in 2020 by a self-made entrepreneur Kabir Dutt. Since its launch, this start-up has seen tremendous growth in just two years; it began with __ local establishments registered on their food and beverage delivery service application and now offers over __ local establishments for customers to choose from.

The start-up is committed to providing customers with a delicious array of food options from India and around the world and an extensive range of hard & soft beverages. The company continues to partner with more local vendors to create even greater choices for their valued clients. 

Thirsty Crow is an increasingly popular staple in the Mumbai area and has plans to spread its wings further within Maharashtra while expanding into other states.

Kabir Dutt is passionate about turning creative and out-of-the-box concepts into simple applications that make everyday life easier. With an expansive background in investment and mentorship within various start-ups, he has earned a reputation as an inventive thinker.

In the absence of any platform offering both food and beverage delivery services, Kabir Dutt stepped up to fill the void with Thirsty Crow. This service gives customers access to various local foods and hard and soft drinks delivered right to their doorstep.

“Thirsty Crow is always on the lookout for ways to best serve our clients. We’re thrilled to announce that we are expanding operations into various parts of Maharashtra and launching a new mini mart which will provide smoke-related supplies with speed and convenience – just another way in which we strive toward setting ourselves apart,” says Kabir Dutt, founder and CEO of Thirsty Crow.