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Outlook for 2023 by Startups

SG Analytics: Leading Global Insights and Analytics company

One of the most powerful trends to continue to shape our foreseeable future in 2023 and beyond will be the pursuit of Sustainability and the accelerated adoption and integration of ESG practices amongst organizations across the board to meet global sustainability goals, take concerted climate action and preserve the planet at large. Some of the key trends to dominate 2023 will comprise:

– An increase in climate-conscious investments as well as a call for an increase in regulatory scrutiny of global ESG assets driven by the growing importance and urgency of ESG issues.

– Social issues would continue to gain significant prominence, with issues like human rights and diversity continuing to shape business decisions with more organizations incorporating inclusivity and transparency in business operations.

– ESG issues shall continue to influence financial decisions, with ESG assets expected to hit $53 trillion by 2025. The resultant aftermath of greenwashed claims in the banking sector has triggered stringent regulations being deliberated by agencies like FSA, SEBI, and IOSCO, which is likely to provide more transparency aiding responsible investments in the upcoming year.

– Climate collaborations are expected to be on the rise with the formation of the ‘loss and damage fund’ at COP27 promising to aid developing nations in their transition to climate-friendly measures.

Overall, 2023 will undoubtedly be the year wherein we will see a surge of collaborative efforts coming from corporates, financial market participants, and sovereigns.– said Mr. Sushant Gupta, Founder & Chairman of SG Analytics-  Leading Global Insights and Analytics company.

Pariksha- India’s Largest Vernacular Edtech Platform

“In the coming year, we will see more consolidation in the EdTech space; the funding will flow to companies creating value by addressing a real and significant need/gap and continuously innovating. The outcome will be the north star metric, and every EdTech company will be chasing profitability.– said Mr Karanvir Singh, Founder of Pariksha- India’s Largest Vernacular Edtech Platform.

We Founder Circle

The funding winter seems to be prolonged and would probably extend for the first half of 2023 as the global market corrects itself further in the rising interest rate environment. However, startup funding is not likely to see any imminent pause, especially for early-stage ventures. From Tier 2/3/4, a massive inflow of new angel investors is on the rise, and so seed to angel stage funding will see a lot of investments and the contribution of angel investors will be the most significant in overall funding in 2023.– said Mr. Neeraj Tyagi, CEO & Co-Founder, We Founder Circle.

Menstrual Hygiene Startup

We plan to launch more products in this category in the coming year. These products are developed by experts and specifically targeted to meet customers’ needs. As this space is still nascent in our country, there is plenty of scope and opportunity in the women’s wellness space. With the growing women population, the opportunity is expected to grow further. Many customers work jointly with us on new product developments and improvements. We expect more customer involvement in developing/improving the products as part of customer evolution in the category. ‘Avni’ always believed that the right products and customer loyalty will grow the business more sustainably, said Ms Sujata Pawar, Co-Founder & CEO at Avni.