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Mark Drawing, startup Founded by three young Individuals

Three young individuals are drawing pictures of people in the UK through the website. Through this, they bring remittances of 8 to 10 lakh taka to the country every month, contributing to the country’s economy.

These young people have studied computer science at a private university in the country.  Company was established by utilizing their free time during the Corona period. Since its establishment, they have painted about 30,000 portraits of 6,500 customers. They have also employed 15 youths through this institution.

These young people said about their organization nothing was in our favor after the establishment of company. Running a business in a country like the UK was challenging. Also, getting payment gateway approval was difficult. But success has come because of our hard work. We now deliver photos on time throughout the UK.

What services are provided to customers through Mark Drawing Company? In response to such questions, these young people said we mainly paint portraits according to the customer’s choice. Our photo types are black and white, pencil portraits, color pencil portraits, and portraits from old or damaged photos. Clients primarily draw family portraits from us. Its order is also very high.

In response to the question of how long it takes to paint a picture, they also said that when someone orders a portrait painting through our website, we confirm it first. Later our artist department paints the pictures. We have 3 to 5 days for painting. The drawings are then sent to the customer for their feedback. If the customer confirms everything is fine, we send the image for delivery. All in all, we take 5 to 6 working days from painting a portrait to delivery.

About their future plans, they said, in the future, we want to increase the scope of our work. We want to expand beyond the UK to markets in Australia, Canada, and the USA and contribute to increasing remittance flows to the country.