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Hirect aims to link India’s excellent startup ecosystem with outstanding human skills 

Hirect India is a chat-based direct hiring platform designed for high-growth startups and SMEs to meet their hiring needs without consultants and with 100% data privacy. Launched in September 2020, during the nationwide lockdown happened and the unemployment rate shot up sharply in the first wave of the pandemic. The aim is to bring a solution to the young startups facing difficulty hiring their core team members, which is critical to any startup’s success. Mr Raj Das, The Global Co-Founder and CEO of Hirect, wants to connect job aspirants with leaders without any middleman and vice-versa.

Startups are always filled with too many challenges Hirect also faced during its initial stage. But their biggest challenge is hiring dedicated staff for their venture. Hirect made it possible from 100 recruiters per day to onboarding 1000 recruiters per day with the help of Omni channel marketing and acquisition strategy.

For startups or any recruiters, finding a suitable candidate in a short span of time isn’t easy. Additionally, the involvement of the middleman makes the process complicated. But Hirect has resolved all the challenges and made recruiting and hiring simpler and more efficient with its easy-to-use platform, where the recruiters can connect directly with the candidates without an intermediary and with 100% data privacy. The recruiters can conduct the hiring with its in-app video and audio calling feature. The news-aged algorithm helps connect job seekers with recruiters by matching the metadata and behavioural data.

AI has significantly impacted the hiring market. It examines data discrepancies to look for fraudulent behaviour, identify dubious job advertisements or profiles, and minimize employment fraud. AI has made a significant impact on the recruitment industry. It Analyses inconsistencies in data to seek fraudulent actions, recognizing questionable job listings or profiles, thereby reducing employment fraud. Likewise, Hirect uses AI to take essential precautions to ensure the safety and security of its users by verifying and validating companies and recruiters using approved papers and recording the behavioural patterns of both recruiters and candidates. With the help of AI integration, Hirect has revolutionized recruiter-candidate engagement and enabled the recruitment process with greater efficiency and agility. Hirect uses the new aged algorithm to match the job description with the verified candidates based on the metadata and behavioural data.

Talking about how Hirect simplifies and speeds it for startups, Mr Raj shared, “The outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in a paradigm shift in how businesses operate. Businesses have been forced to rapidly adapt to the new conditions, which has included a need for speed up and agility in the hiring process. While some companies continued with their traditional hiring process, companies like Hirect have the face of the recruitment industry with the evolutionary recruitment platform. Hirect offers chat-based-direct hiring to high-growth startups, SMEs and MNCs to meet their hiring needs without consultants and with 100% data privacy. The hiring platform allows the recruiters to conduct the entire hiring process within the application with its in-built audio and video calling feature. Recruiters save time by accessing relevant profiles and making the process considerably faster and easier to execute. The vision of Hirect is to connect India’s talented startup ecosystem with great human talents.”

USPs of Hirect:

  1. Decision Makers hire directly; no consultants/middlemen are involved
  2. Unique AI algorithm recommends matching job profiles & candidates
  3. Mobile accessibility enables instant chat response and notifications
  4. Smooth interview process with in-built Audio and Video call feature
  5. 100% data privacy both for recruiters and job seekers.