By providing quality solutions and services to customers for ages, COMPAQ established a strong market reputation as one of the most reliable and technologically advanced brands. Despite the company has vast market presence, enormous customer base, and high brand positioning, Compaq invests substantially in research & development and adopting the most advanced technologies in each segment. With phenomenal success in the smart TV market, the company forays into its latest smart product innovation, ‘The Compaq smartwatch’. Packed with a plethora of smart and sporty features, these smartwatches will prove a game-changer in the Indian market, catering to the demands of a large segment of consumers. Shortly company is also planning to introduce Tabs in this calendar year.

Under the astute leadership and crystal-gazing vision of Amitabh Tiwari, Ossify (Compaq) Industries’s CEO, the company transformed into a brand that thrives on customers’ changing demands and refined taste, especially in the AV segment. Today, the industry recognizes Ossify as an exclusive contender determined to bestow its consumers with international brands embedded with Indian values. Mr. Tiwari’s aggressive business approach and immaculate strategies have helped Ossify prove its excellence in the licensing, manufacturing, distribution and retail of consumer electronics.

Amitabh Tiwari, CEO of Compaq, said, “To match with customers’ growing aspirations, we are working to enhance user experience with high-end smart consumer durables. Additionally, we are working to diversify our product portfolio with the addition of smartwatches and planning to launch Tabs, refrigerators, and air-conditioning projects. CRM and CDP are always our priorities. With that, anything that can add value to customer experience becomes an integral part of our organization’s culture.”

Instead of obliging to market competition, Compaq pursues the demands and aspirations of its target audience, customers who trust their expertise and expect better than the best from the brand. And there is no doubt that the company is fast in adopting cutting-edge technologies to delight its customers.

“Being a prominent B2C player in India’s flourishing consumer durable market, our focus remains on customers. Compaq is always quick and receptive to smart technologies which can enhance user experience and customer satisfaction, and committed to delivering affordable luxury by investing more in our core competencies and anticipating consumers’ demands, not just needs.”

Future Plans: By the end of this calendar year, we intend to have our own production for refrigerators and air conditioners. Regarding our long-term business goals, we want to make Ossify (Compaq) a ₹2000 crore company by 2025.

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