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This Kochi-based whatsapp group is now 800 strong

The group aimed to guide and support women on their entrepreneurial journey.

KOCHI: In 2016, Pushpy Muricken, an accountant and Sheela Kochouseph Chittilapilly, the founder and chairperson of V Star, established a WhatsApp group for women entrepreneurs in Kochi. The group aimed to guide and support women on their entrepreneurial journey. Today, this WhatsApp group has grown to over 800 women entrepreneurs across Kerala under the banner of Women Entrepreneurs Network (WEN).

The WEN is a thriving business group that helps women entrepreneurs in their business activities. It provides a platform for women to connect, learn, and support each other. According to Sheela, women should support other women to grow in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Indu Jayaram, the Vice Chairperson of WEN and the director of CareerFit360, stated that when the group was formed, they were surprised by the immediate response. 200 businesswomen from various industries, including bakers, tailors, and small shop owners, joined the group. The formation of WEN was a turning point for women entrepreneurs as it provided them with a platform to network, learn and grow.

In WEN, women business aspirants, small business owners, and powerful executives receive equal opportunities to grow and thrive. The network enables women to share their experiences, knowledge and learn from one another. With WEN’s growth and success, it has become a catalyst for inspiring more women to become entrepreneurs and contribute to the economy.

WEN has five chapters in Kerala, including Kochi, Calicut, Thrissur, Kottayam, and Thiruvananthapuram. The organization is registered under the Travancore Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955.