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TeethFast, taking up Dental Industry by Storm 

Indore: TeethFast is an indigenous startup engaged in manufacturing support for Dental crowns, Metal frames and Aligners for dental laboratories globally. With years of experience in offering dental healthcare, Avi Ramavat, the founder of TeethFast, believes that dental healthcare will hugely benefit from specialized technology-driven facilities in the years to come. This five month back established startup revolutionized the manner of delivering dental solutions to customers. Holistic benefits to Dental Labs and Dentists, Complete Patient satisfaction and years of warranty on several oral appliances like crowns, bridges, and implant-supporting the tooth will play a vital role in this sector in the coming years. 

The products TeethFast aims to manufacture for dental clinics and dental laboratories will be delivered faster than the current system and at a lower rate than the cost incurred. In September 2022, TeethFast secured funding of 5.2 Crores which is USD 0.65 Million. Funding is led by high Net-Worth individuals based in India and Abroad. TeethFast has been growing exponentially and has become one of the best Dental labs in MP. 

The Company is founded and led by a highly experienced professional, Dr Avi Ramavat, with 17+ years of experience delivering High-tech Quality Services in Dental Implantology. One of the first incorporators of Clinical Digital Dentistry is TeethFast Dental Lab. Due to the global aging population’s rise and awareness of facial and dental aesthetics, the Dental Laboratory market is expected to grow from USD 29 billion to USD 64 billion by 2030. Based on the Conservative assumption, it depicts a CAGR growth of 9.3% per annum.

More than 80% of Dental prostheses in the overall dental ecosystem are deficient in terms of inexperienced workmanship, prostheses fitting patient’s dental needs, expensive prostheses and require a huge turnaround time because dental clinics and labs do not have the immense expertise or specialized equipment to correctly assess the specific dental solutions.

TeethFast will save a lot of time that doctors spend making adjustments in the patient’s mouth; ultimately, the patient and Doctor suffer. This can be achieved by manufacturing them with the most biocompatible, proven, & approved materials and giving them a life-like appearance with more precision.

Founder of TeethFast Dental Lab, Dr AviRamavat, cites, “Using the World’s best technology will make the manufacturing of Oral appliances quicker and highly accurate. We want to incorporate digital workflow optimization through technology. With the advancement of technology, Doctors are seeing the virtual results before starting the treatment making the treatment better for their patients.”