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Staqu witnessed 100% year-on-year increase in revenue

The AI-powered brand’s client base has also increased by 126%

Gurugram: Staqu, India’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation enabler, has announced registering another strong year with a 100% Y-o-Y revenue growth. The company has witnessed 3x growth in the last two quarters with a strong runway of 36 months. Staqu also displayed positive EBIDTA results for July 2022. Additionally, the AI-powered brand has reported that its client base has increased by 126%.

The success points to the rising acceptance of Staqu’s unique AI- solutions in various domains and the rise of the sector altogether. Over the years, Staqu has been at the forefront of the AI technology industry with its plug-and-play, video, and audio data analytics tool, JARVIS. On direct lines, Staqu works with over 100 companies, including some of the most well-known brands, such as Chaayos, Embassy, Metro, Crocs, Olive, Borosil, JK Cement, Agrocel, and others. In addition, the company is working with Nine state governments to meet their safety and security-based analytics needs.

In a statement, Mr Atul Rai, Co-founder and CEO of Staqu Technologies, said, “This fiscal year has been fruitful due to increased demand for our product portfolio and new customer acquisitions in new geographies. This reflects our unwavering efforts to develop smarter security solutions for evolving businesses requiring a high level of intelligence and automation to ensure continuous safety and security. Since video and image data account for 60-70% of all data on the internet, our goal is to take Staqu to the next level and serve as many industries as possible by deploying JARVIS to automate their operational processes.”

Staqu’s offering has piqued the interest of both the public and private sectors in Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Retail, as the brand employs cutting-edge methods of extracting valuable data from long CCTV video footage using artificial intelligence and computer vision to generate meaningful real-time warning messages. Retailers, for example, can use Staqu’s audio sentiment analytics at the Point of Sale (POS); bill vs cash payment identification; shop floor-based unique pedestrian traffic analysis; queue analytics to prevent waiting line turnovers; POS productivity analysis, and customer experience analytics within physical stores.

“Imagine a retail store where the owner wishes to understand how many females walk into the store in a day and of what age bracket. With JARVIS, it is possible to have the data ready. Additionally, if a coffee shop owner wishes to understand the more likeable seating in his space to make more optimal use of the floor, then with JARVIS installed with the CCTV camera in the property, he can easily understand the customer’s preferred seating and can maintain that, while simultaneously working on the less preferred ones,” added Atul.

The security solution by Staqu has innovative interactive features that have enabled organizations to grow exponentially. Cameras outfitted with Staqu’s advanced video analytics tool JARVIS can provide critical insights while monitoring all the parameters in object detection, crowd analytics, violence detection, traffic violations, and identification of minor to major security issues that traditional cameras are incapable of detecting. Moreover, insights from 85+ analytics also significantly improve operational intelligence and accelerate situational awareness.